We, as a family have a lot of things going on right now. Starting with the fact that we have to young kiddos – one of which is turning 3 (THREE!!!) in four short days. When did that happen?!

Well, Ryan Family Update. My husbands business is booming right now! I mean it, he’s kicking major booty and I’m so proud of him! That guy has such passion and drive – it’s hard not to be excited about things with his enthusiasm. I recently opened up my Etsy shop, selling some string boards that I absolutely adore making between that and selling to some friends and momma’s that I know from a local mom group, I’ve done pretty well! I was also recently promoted to General Manager of the two pet resorts that do marketing for. I use to be the manager of one before we moved to California.. But when I returned we (my boss and I) decided I should focus on franchising development and marketing. Since his passing we have reeled  in on franchising and are focusing on the two company owned resorts we have here in PHX. I’m excited and also a little nervous – a bigger position means more time away from my kiddos and that’s always hard as a working mom.

As for a foster care update. We went to our orientation, chose an agency and had our initial home walk-thru. Monday we go in for paperwork. Originally, we had said we could take kids 5 and under. But, after our walk through we realized our pool/yard/fencing is not quite “up to code”. Our patio is fenced off – which is considered blocking an exit. We thought our side door would be our alternative for this. Then they went into our Master bedroom and since our window leads into the backyard and in turn leads to the pool, we would need to make that room a non-sleeping room for anyone in the family. So basically, our master bedroom would need to be our playroom and we would move into the playroom. OR we move our pool fencing from the patio to around the pool… Which is just not logical – 1. we are renting. 2. we only have 4 months left on our lease. We are planning on buying this year. Which is a little nerve wracking for me. Deciding on a neighborhood/area/house that you want to live in for 7-10 years (or longer) is a little intimidating!  So. Foster care. We have a couple options… We raise our age limit to 6+ and the pool isn’t an issue. Our concern with this is parenting older children – that is a little scary. Or, we sign up for respite for 6+ which is very – very short-term placements. And finally, wait until we move in June/July. We are still figuring out what to do.

It’s hard to know if this is God’s way of saying “this isn’t the right time” or if we are being led to older children. So. There is that.

We took family photos/Mad’s 3 month/Hayden’s 3 year and they came out so soooo good. I love them all!

I have tried making time to write… there are lots and lots of things going through this brain of mine but most don’t make it to published. Maybe one day.. for now, I leave you with these photos I’m dying over.

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