Here I go again, leaking some drafts! ENJOY!


Last week Sean popped in to my work to bring me lunch and it had all the ladies here gushing over him, how perfect it was.. Some went on to tell me how good I had it. How he’s so great… how they wish their husbands/significant others would do little things like that for them.

Yes, My husband is great! He does amazing job with our daughter and spoils me.  I’m telling you he’s a rock star! He does most of the housework, just about every night he cooks, he takes care of the baby, including most nights getting up with her, takes care of the dogs, he works full time and runs his own business. And we have a great relationship; we communicate well with each other, we have a lot of fun. But that doesn’t mean were perfect. Nobody’s perfect.

If you focus on being perfect or having the perfect relationship, you’re just setting yourself up for failure. Not to mention to be seriously disappointed. I think that’s a big issue with our relationships today. Everybody focuses so much and having the “perfect relationship”… There really is no such thing, my friends! I definitely learned that a while ago.. Nothing in this world is perfect (expect maybe my daughter 😉 she’s pretty darn perfect). Instead of focusing on/ talking about and trying to “fix” things wrong in a relationship, try looking at all the things that are really great about your relationship, the things you love about your partner! Us ladies have this awful habit of comparing our relationships to the relationships of others. Or worse, to past relationships. (It took me a little longer than I would have liked to realize that Sean was not like my ex’s.. And our relationship is not the same relationship, not even close!!)

.comparison is the thief of joy.

94888293a70bf4abd99803b27625c1d3Never compare your relationship to another relationship, everyone is different and every relationship is different. I saw something on Pinterest. And it is so very, very true. “Never compare someone else’s highlight reel to your behind the scenes show.” With social media running rapid in our society, it’s very easy to look at people and envy the lives they portray online…

So after stewing on what they’ve said for a couple days… I finally found a blog post about “perfect marriages”.. And it gave me the most perfect answer to give them. We’re not perfect, we’re happy. Our marriage isn’t the “perfect marriage”, but it’s a happy marriage.. We do not try to be perfect people, nor do we expect that from the other. We are just like everyone else. I think that is so important for people to know. Just last week I think I was snickering at Sean about too much pasta in my bowl, like, really Elizabeth, what the heck? LOL Every one and every relationship has bad days. Every one bickers and argues. But, I do my very best to be intentional every day. Some days I’m exhausted working too many hours or stressed out from work, it takes every ounce of will I have to be intentional in my actions towards my family. They deserve my very best. Some days, I know I fall short, thankfully I have an amazing husband who forgives me daily, and loves me anyways!!!

Don’t strive to be perfect, strive to be happy.


xo, E