Are we really getting ready to enter into JUNE! Holy crap! We’ve got some pretty exciting things happening soon! Starting with babies galore! My baby sissy’s little man Bowen comes July! My friend Teeli’s baby boy, Remington in August! Our cousin Bree’s baby girl in October! My BestFriend Britany’s baby in December! And another baby in January! (I can’t announce from whom yet.. But it’s very exciting! And no, not me!) Seriously, everyone is pregnant!

I’m thrilled to be making some big changes here pretty soon. I’m due for a switch up, that’s for sure!

After some talks between Sean and I we realized that vacations are something important to us. We used to take mini vacations all the time! It’s something I’d really like to make a habit. Especially as Hayden gets older. The most exciting vacation we are currently planning is for Sean’s 30th Birthday in April.. HAWAII! We are so very excited! And officially started our planning and saving last weekend! For 2014? San Francisco is in the works! I’ve been plenty of times but that place never gets old. And Sean really wants to go.

Other exciting news? We quit Daycare. It’s a long and horrendous story (that perhaps I’ll blog about one day) and while I still believe Hayden socializing with other kids is good for her… really, I just don’t trust other people with my child #mommabear

All in all, life’s great over here! I’ll post a Hayden update soon! ❤️



xo, E