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We’re not perfect

Here I go again, leaking some drafts! ENJOY!


Last week Sean popped in to my work to bring me lunch and it had all the ladies here gushing over him, how perfect it was.. Some went on to tell me how good I had it. How he’s so great… how they wish their husbands/significant others would do little things like that for them.

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life choices..

I was confronted today by one of my clients when she saw my wedding ring. “You’re married?! I didn’t think you were old enough to be married!” Which I responded with. “Yes, I have a one year old, as well.” She then proceeded to lecture me on how I was in my 20’s and my 20’s needed to be about me… going out, drinking, and “having fun”. That now, I’m “tied down”, with a baby and have no time to “grow into my own skin.” and that she “feels for me”. These are her actual words.. At first I just sat there… What do you say to that? I’m at work.. and she’s a client, so “mind your own business” just doesn’t seem appropriate… And this isn’t the first time I’ve heard anything like this.. So let me just clear my own air here…

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