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Happy 2nd!

We had so much fun this past weekend celebrating our little ladys 2nd Birthday!! I’m loving every second of this chapter of life I am in. Most days I’m completely lost on how to parent this sassy, super independent, head-strong girl I’ve got here but even on those hard days, I’m still so thankful to be her mama. And so thankful she forgives me when I royally mess up! I’ve decided to keep my letter to Hayden off the blog and just send them straight to her email – some things I really feel like are best just kept between us! But I will say… Hayden, you make me more and more proud as the days pass! I love you, my girl.

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Hey Hayden

Big Girl Bed!

In a little over one month our girl is going to be TWO! T W O!!! My tiny little baby is getting to be such a big girl.  She’s all over the place. Into everything.. Climbs on everything and is wicked fast. She’s been out of her crib for a little while now (we just moved her mattress to the floor). But just last week she moved into a big girl twin bed – which her and her dogs love. Seriously she LOVES  it! The first night I forgot to put the baby gate up and woke up to her helping herself to her milk in the fridge. Yes, she opens the fridge and helps herself. That, is not so awesome because she only opens it…

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20140722-235524-86124114.jpgSo.. we got an ergo carrier today and this is what our day has looked like 🙂 I so wish we would’ve started this when Hayden was a newborn!! We had a baby bjorn and I HATED it! So we just stopped, instead of just trying a new one! Ugh! Well, I got this from a mommy group I’m in for $20! This carrier new is over $100!! SCORE! And it’ll hold her for a while longer 🙂

One day, my girl will be grown. And she won’t want me to hold her anymore. But today, today she wants mommy to hold her all day long. And I’m loving every second!

xo, E

Father’s Day 2014

Hayden and I have been working on our Daddy’s Day planning for a few weeks now.. Here’s a little peek at our favorite craftie for the best daddy in the world ❤️




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mommy & me

Our little lady is a rise with the sun kind of gal.. and if you know me, I do not function well before like 9:30 and not until I’ve had my coffee. The past week or so Hayden has been waking up at 6am.. shortly after the sun. Now this would be ok if we were still giving her 2 naps during the day but we’ve cut back to 1 which means that she gets awfully crabby either when we push her nap later.. or when were trying to keep her up til her bedtime, which is 8-8:30pm. Last night we decided to trick her little brain by covering her window with a curtain … and would you look at that it’s 8:40am and shes still sleeping! – And literally right after typing that I hear “mamaaaaa” coming from her room LOL!

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Life & Motherhood


20140514-120447.jpgWell, we just got back from 9days in California. It was a great trip! So nice to sit back for a little, relax and not have to jump back into the car to drive home. It was also great to have enough time to see most people. I missed that.

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Daycare Drop-Offs

So last Thursday was Hayden’s first day of day care… Well, it was a half-day. But still! It was her first day. And she did awesome! Now, going into this I already knew that if she didn’t enjoy it she wasn’t going to go anymore. Taking Hayden to daycare, for us, is all about fun, playing, learning and socializing. So. If she was sad or hesitant I had already made up my mind that she wouldn’t go.

Last Thursday I took her in at 2 o’clock… It was right after their nap time. And they were getting ready for snack. Sean and I walked our little lady into her classroom and put her down on the floor with all the other kids. She walked herself over to the empty chair around the table, her teacher gave her a couple crackers and some raisins. She grabbed a cracker for each hand, turned and looked at me and waved bye.. And that was that.. See ya kid!

Today was her second day at daycare. But her first full day. I took her by myself today and I was a little concerned she’d caught on to the fact that we were leaving her. But in true Hayden-form… I put her down, she walked right over to the little people and didn’t even look back. I hung out in the room for a minute, just watching her, and she really is the most amazing little thing.

Pick ups are a little more emotional for her. The first day she walked over to us with a sad face, she’s quite the little actress. Today, she walked right over to her daddy, gave him a hug and started pointing at everything. As if she was telling him about her day.

I’m so very proud of our little sassy, independent lady!


xo, E

Hello Easter Bunny!

we weren’t as excited to meet him as we were with Santa lol at least she was still polite!

xo, E

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