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Oh, hey 2017.

Where did the last four months go?
We celebrated Christmas at our house with our girls and it was perfect! No rushing, little chaos, cinnamon rolls. It was good!

It was the next day that we found ourselves in the emergency room with two sick babies. Hayden was hospitalized for 3 days with pneumonia and it was awful. While Hayden was in the hospital – I got my initial order of LuLaRoe! Hundreds of glorious items….. sitting… waiting to be opened. Finally we got home! Hayden getting stronger each day and suddenly Madison getting worse. Pneumonia. Luckily we got her on antibiotics soon enough to avoid the hospital again. I started my LuLaRoe Business and was having a blast!

A week or two and we were all healthy again and we got word on January 20 that we were LICENSED!!! We were so excited. And nervous. But mostly excited. We needed car seats. And beds. Yay for procrastinating!!

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Foster Care: Update.

The hubs and I had talked about foster care for a while as something we would like to do, eventually. At first it was ‘when we’re finished having kids’ which led into ‘let’s just check it out’. We set up a time for orientation, went and we were both shocked by the information we received. I was on board from day one – I think Sean hopped on somewhere around the time where we hear 19,000 kiddos in care in Arizona. Holy.

There is so much I would like to say and share but really I’m having a hard time finding the time to sit down and write – and we don’t even have a placement yet. Maybe I’ll share some short videos about our journey. We will see. For now we are looking at November/December that we will be welcoming a kiddo/s into our home. If all goes well. We have finished paperwork, classes, state inspection and have one more visit with our LW (licensing worker) for our home study. From there we are really just waiting for our LW to write up the home study and for that to be approved.

We get a lot of questions and a lot that I really don’t have the answer to because we don’t have a placement yet. I hope to write (or make some videos) answering all the questions I can. Thank you friends for all the support! xoxo.Elizabeth

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work, family and life inbetween

We, as a family have a lot of things going on right now. Starting with the fact that we have to young kiddos – one of which is turning 3 (THREE!!!) in four short days. When did that happen?!

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Foster Care

Adoption and Foster care has been on my heart for as long as I can remember. Really, since I was a little girl. I have a love and desire to help those in need; people, children, animals. Truthfully, the further we go down this road the scarier it gets. I cannot even tell you how many blogs I’ve read, of those walking this path. How many Instagram(which surprisingly has such a huge community of families in this) accounts I’ve followed (or stalked LOL)how many websites I’ve dug through and dissected every single word.
This process, getting started is lengthy and scary. And we’re getting ready to test out these waters.. There is so much information and so man horror stories. I’m both excited and terrified to see where this goes.
Y’all I started this entry in June, over 200 days ago. So obviously we’re still “test the water” so to speak. But! Today, today we had orientation for foster care. I’ve been waiting for this day for over a month – when we finally decided to set a date to check it out. It was eye opening for sure. There were a lot of things that I knew but much more that I did not. For instance, approximately 18,000 children are “in care” in the state of Arizona. 18,000. FORTY percent – that’s 40% – of that 18,000 are in shelters, group homes or sleeping in the DES offices because there are no foster homes available to take them. That is crazy to me. Babies. Babies sleeping in shelters or offices because there is literally no where for them to go. That breaks my heart and calls me into action.
Another mind blowing fact… The ladies spent a good amount of time talking about adoption and how it’s meant to be permenant.. as in.. you adopt a child and should consider that child a part of your family p-e-r-m-a-n-e-n-t-l-y. Because apparently it is common enough practice to “return” children that you have adopted back to the state if you decide after that it isn’t working out. (insert shocked face here)
We are in the process of choosing our agency and once that is done we will begin training, background check, home study etc. Which could all take anywhere from 3-9months. 2016 is going to be huge. Prayers are welcome.

Here we go.

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