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Playroom Revamp – Art Area

art area blog post

When we moved rooms around we kind of just shoved the toys in the room because, well, #newbornlife. Hayden rarely ever went into the playroom – there was just too much going on in there. So organizing it has been on my to-do list for a while. Originally we had the girls in two separate rooms. Shortly after Madison was born we moved the nursery stuff into Hayden’s room and made Madison’s room the playroom. Honestly, we would’ve done this originally had we known (for sure) we were having another girl. Remember when we tried holding out til the birth to find out what we were having? We totally almost made it lol

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Wall Art Display

Hayden LOVES all things crafting and even more than that? She loves to see all of her creations! I was running out of room on my fridge, so we decided to make something for her to display all her favorite pieces on. This whole display cost less than $10 at hobby lobby!

I decided on wood for the banner because I wanted Hayden to be able to paint them how she wanted. Each little wood piece cost 25 cents. Spent $4 total on wood. I found a thick shoelace type string for $3. And clothes pins for $2.workofart
We painted all the wood and hot glued it on some ribbon that Hayden picked out of my scraps. 


This is my favorite craft we’ve done!! 

xo, Elizabeth

Father’s Day 2014

Hayden and I have been working on our Daddy’s Day planning for a few weeks now.. Here’s a little peek at our favorite craftie for the best daddy in the world ❤️




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DIY Cupcake Tray

I was browsing through a thrift store, looking for a cupcake tray for Hayden’s birthday.. I went to so many different stores trying to find a darn tray with no luck. Finally at the last store, and running out of time because the party was the next day, I decided to just make one. I found this plate for a .25 cents. And this candle stick holder for .50 cents


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