I took a little break from sharing to move. Although I do not plan on writing a whole lot until we get more settled, I do want to jot down some thoughts on our move. I’ve gone back to older posts a lot recently and I really do LOVE reading about our past chapters! So here we go.

This move has been hard. Physically, mentally and emotionally. We’ve been here in Ca for over 2 weeks now and Hayden is (sorta) settling in. She has been a whirlwind of emotions and I’ve read more mommyblogs in the past 2 weeks than I ever have.. “how to…” help your baby adjust.. deal with temper tantrums.. and so on. I’ve questioned my mothering skills, my patience level, my character. If I’m being real here, I’ve felt like a failure the last 2 weeks. As a mother, wife, daughter, friend and all around human being. I’ve had a really crummy attitude and I’ve thought about running away, on many occasions. Our dogs have freaked out… multiple times. Chewed carpet, chewed Hayden’s toys, blanket, and bent the kennel door, I assume trying to break out. They have all been on top of us constantly, I assume in fear of us leaving them? (newsflash dogs, you moved with us! lol) If only I spoke dog.

That being said? This move has also been a ton of fun! Hayden is building a relationship with my parents (who she really hasn’t been able to spend a whole lot of time with). She calls my Dad, “Da”. We correct her and say “no, that’s Papa!” and she just repeats, “Da!” Every cat she sees is named Dave, according to her (my moms cat is named Dave, and she’s in love with him). I love seeing her run a muck with her cousins. And she’s loving spending time with my sister! She thinks the chickens are the best thing ever and loves my sisters dogs, Monkey, Bella and Charlie. Even though Charlie ripped off her diaper and ran around the backyard with it. Seriously. We’ve been to the park nearly everyday. And even had lunch and dinner with daddy there also!

I’m sure once everyone gets a little more settled everyone will be lot happier. And hopefully, Hayden will go back to sleeping in her bed, mommy really doesn’t like getting kicked in the face in the middle of the night 😉

Here’s a few gems from our Ca days…


On the drive to CA


She had a melt down when her Sofia chair went into the uhaul and was stoked to see it back out!



Meeting Dave


And Wubbzy, also Dave, according to Hayden.


HB, going to see Uncle Jason and Auntie Rosa!

Here’s to the next 2 weeks being better than the last 😉

xo, E