When Sean and I first discussed the possibility of baby number two one of my wish was for another girl. Don’t get me wrong, truly the only thing we really care about was a healthy baby. Boy or Girl it really didn’t matter. But my heart kept going back to Hayden having a sister. I’m the baby in my family and I’ve got a few of each but spent most of my childhood with my older brother. While growing up we fought like cats and dogs, it wasn’t until we got a little older that we started to have a good relationship. That being said, there is not a single person on this planet who I have always looked up to more than my sister. My sister is 17 years older than I am. So, granted we have (I’m assuming) a much different kind of relationship than if we were 2 or 3 years apart but even still, we have always been close. She’s always been the image I’ve strived to be. I still remember her taking me with her… and still remember starring out the front window when she didn’t lol! My hope, while thinking about baby number two has always been that Hayden would have that close relationship. A sister. Because really, there is nothing quite like it.


31w 4d

From the beginning of (and even before) this pregnancy, I just knew, we would have another little lady joining our family. Once we found out we were expecting, or shortly after that, is when I really started to question that. I’m not sure if it was the fact that E V E R Y O N E (aside from really Sean and I) kept referring to “it” as he or if it was the fact that this pregnancy has been so, so different than mine with Hayden. I mean everything is different. When it came time to find out the baby’s gender I had decided that I really didn’t want to know. Truthfully, this pregnancy has been hard. It hasn’t been enjoyable at all and while I’ve tried my very best to keep a positive attitude, it’s just been hard. I thought that keeping the gender a surprise would give us something to really look forward to, aside from meeting our little one of course! And we had done great! Until nesting kicked in to high gear and we still hadn’t decided on a boy name. *side note; I have PLENTY of boy names I adore. My husband on the other hand couldn’t give me a single suggestion. Not one ya’ll. It’s crazy the amount of unrealistic anxiety that you have while pregnant. Would it really be the end of the world had we gone into the hospital without a boy name? No. I mean, people leave the hospital with their unnamed babies for goodness sakes! But, to me, it was a huge deal.

So, ya’ll we caved! 

And we are beyond thrilled that Mommy and Daddy were correct and we are having a little girl! A “Bebe Sisser” for our Hayden. She’s going to be the best big sister, I just know it! I can’t wait to watch these girls grow up together. And I’m so thankful that this little one will have Hayden to look up to! Which leads me to our name choice, I let Sean choose her first name because I truly did love every one of our top 5 picks and Malissa, after my Big Sis! <3

xo, Elizabeth