In this new season of life that we are shifting into I feel myself pulled more to really focus on being a wife and a mother. When Hayden was first born I was in such a different season than I am now that Mad is here… maybe that is because I didn’t truly understand how quickly time flies by when you have kids. When I first started feeling this need focus more on my crew, to really be present for them, I knew I needed to find a way to continue to work. I’m a worker y’all and the thought of all the financial responsibility being on my husband makes me itchy. I’m super independent/i-pay-my-own-dang-bills in that aspect HA!

Recently, my job has allowed me to almost exclusively work from home which is such a blessing.  Part of me focusing on our crew is also focusing on myself and little things (besides my crazy little fam) that fill me up! I love crafting, so my recent Etsy shop adventure just made so much sense! It’s something I love doing (crafting), while working from home and helping financially. I also want to spend more time with my friends and focusing on those relationships, focus more on my blog, I love sharing my thoughts and documenting our days while staying connected with family and friends and connecting with new people through social media.

Think good thoughts for me and our crew as we go into this new season. And while I get accustomed to working with little people – although Hayden will still be in preschool part-time. We’ve also got some pretty exciting things coming up… One thing in particular that has always been a passion and calling for me! I can’t wait to talk more about that soon!

Writing this out has me realizing that I have quite a bit going on right now… I tend to do that lol! I want to be present for my family, all while working on the things I love and am passionate about. Can’t I have it all? Here’s to snuggling babies, playing ponies with the 3 year old, talking about dogs to everyone, stringing all the boards, cookin all the food, connecting with all the friends and reading all the mommy blogs <3
but right now? baby snuggles.

xoxo, Elizabeth