I have been all sorts of distracted and MIA from life lately. Partially because I have a two-year old, who is constantly on the go. Partially because I’m back to working full time. And partially because I’m (almost) 15 weeks pregnant. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been neglecting my husband as well. Thank goodness he’s a good sport. I’m dying. Ok. Maybe not actually dying. But it kinda feels like it. This pregnancy is so very different than mine with Hayden, I do not remember being this sick and tired, so very, very tired… Maybe because I’m chasing around a two-year old this time? And I feel like we are all constantly fighting off something. It’s so hard to figure out what is making me feel like a zombie, the baby or if I’m actually coming down with something. I’m having a difficult time cooking anything. The thought of smelling eggs is making me gag, like right now. But all I seem to want is eggs, #thestruggle. I hope Hayden doesn’t mind getting cereal for breakfast for the next couple weeks.

We have had two doctors appointments so far. We changed drs this time around because I constantly felt rushed with Hayden and so disconnected. Well, I absolutely love my new doctor and am so glad we changed! Our first appointment was almost 2 hours, and not two hours of waiting. We were in consultations, meeting with the whole staff and telling our entire medical history’s. Oh, and we got to hear the baby’s heart beat, I don’t think that will ever stop amazing me! Our last appointment was terrifying. We saw the NP (which I will never, ever do again) she was awesome, until it came time to listen to the heart beat. Sean said it took about 5 minutes but I swear it felt a whole lot longer than that. I honestly can’t even remember everything that happened – only bits and pieces. I was crying. All I kept hearing was “that’s YOUR heart beat”…. “we may need to get an ultrasound” …. “you need to breathe”. And finally, Sean said the doctor said, “there, that’s your baby’s” but apparently I was on a different planet. Because I heard none of that. And just like that the NP said “that was scary, huh mom?” and left my room. I had to clarify with Sean if they actually heard the heart beat, which he said yes. That still didn’t make me feel any better. I feel like she just rushed out of the room as quickly as she could. I didn’t even have time to calm down to hear the heart beat and know that the baby was okay. We did some office paperwork and our blood work and Sean and the office manager scheduled me for an ultrasound to calm me down a little. It worked. Turns out our little one was moving around so much! Which is likely why the NP was having such a hard time finding the heart beat.

2015-05-08 11.26.12-3

After that I felt like I could breathe a little easier. I mean, come on, look at that picture! I lost a couple lbs, probably due to all the puking this little one is causing me. And I have no bump to show. Which isn’t exactly surprising – I didn’t start showing until well passed my half-way point with Hayden. But I will say I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping to show a little sooner with this one. Everyone thought it was so great, me not showing for a while… But I promise it wasn’t all that wonderful. I feel like my body would like it a whole lot more if the expanding process was gradual and not all at once LOL! We will see!

Today we are 14weeks 4days

– lost 3lbs from last drs visit
– still in all regular clothes
– cravings?
Sushi (OF COURSE!)
Chocolate Milk
Eggs (which makes me nauseous every time I think about them, which is all the time)
– feeling? Nauseous and Sleepy. (All.The.Time) and so, so thankful!