art area blog post

When we moved rooms around we kind of just shoved the toys in the room because, well, #newbornlife. Hayden rarely ever went into the playroom – there was just too much going on in there. So organizing it has been on my to-do list for a while. Originally we had the girls in two separate rooms. Shortly after Madison was born we moved the nursery stuff into Hayden’s room and made Madison’s room the playroom. Honestly, we would’ve done this originally had we known (for sure) we were having another girl. Remember when we tried holding out til the birth to find out what we were having? We totally almost made it lol
First up was creating an art space for Hayden – she lovesssss creating. Just. Like. Mama 😉 I got a great deal on this cute little table and chair but of course I couldn’t leave it as is. Slapped a bright color and some chalkboard spray paint and bam!

I got a towel rack for something like $5 at target, some little buckets (thank you Target dollar section!), a magazine holder (again – dollar section) and some shower clips on clearance for $2!!

We are working hard on giving everything a “home” – in doing so, Hayden does so much better with picking her things up.


Hayden and I made that cute artwork display a while ago (read more about that HERE). And it fits so perfectly in this little area!

Up next is her reading nook!

xo, Elizabeth