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{10 days old & Big Sister Stuff}

I’ve been referring to Madison as my little dream baby because seriously, she’s a little dream! Sure, she’s an infant and waking multiple times at night but I don’t even mind. She’s such a good baby. Most of the time at night time I have to wake her up after a few hours to feed her. She’s so calm, smiley and easy going!

Hayden has far exceeded what I thought she would be in her new role. I KNEW she would love her baby sister and I knew she’d be a great big sister but I did think it would take her some adjusting. I was wrong. She slid right into “Big Sister” with helpful hands and a smile on her face. When the girls met in the hospital Hayden was definitely overwhelmed. She had just seen me the whole day saying my belly hurt, which is how I explained my contractions to her, so with that and hooked up to everything I’m sure was a little concerning for her. But then she saw her baby sister and she was enthralled.









She knew. Right away. “Bebe Sisser” “Bebe Madsi”. Heart Melted!

We’ve been adjusting to life at home pretty well. Hayden asks to be held a lot which we expected. And honestly, Sean and I are soaking that right up from our little independent girl.


So basically I’m on cloud9. I’ve had plenty of help “making” bottles, feeding the baby, changing diapers and tons of baby snuggles. Loving every second of this time with my girls!! This holiday season I’m feeling extra thankful and extra blessed! Can’t think of anything more I could possibly need. Blessed Wife. Blessed Mama.

xoxo, Elizabeth

{Madison Malissa}

When Friday’s doctors appointment came and went (which happened to be my due date) without any progress I was slightly discouraged. I was so ready to meet our little babe and yet I was trying to wait until she was ready. My doctor is amazing. We discussed our options, set a plan – which was waiting until the following Friday to talk about being induced and he told me to just call him if I changed my mind and we’d meet at the hospital.

40weeks 1day

Saturday was spent at the mall walking around and playing with Hayden. I was pretty convinced Madison was hanging out for a few more days and even told Sean we could call on Monday to schedule to be induced. I was doubting very much that she would ever come LOL! I woke up Sunday morning around 430 to very familiar pains. I started tracking them and tried resting. I didn’t tell Sean I was having them until around 9 because I didn’t want to get his hopes up. After I told him we left H with my mom and got some of our last to-dos done.

Contractions went from 10-20 mins apart to pretty consistently 10mins apart and holding on for 1.5-2mins. This is apparently (according to my Dr.) the point that I should’ve gone in… So, for the record. You go into the hospital when contractions are 5mins apart and holding for a minute OR if they are super long (1.5-2mins) and hard. Good to know! 😑 I was so worried about being sent home that I figured I’d hang out “just a little longer” and a little longer… And then they hit 4-6mins apart and really took my breath away. We got our things together and got Hayden ready to leave for dinner with her Gramma.

We got to the hospital around 5:45 and I told Sean I could walk myself in to get checked in while he parked. And I did. Got checked in, examined and surprise, “oh, ok. Guys I’m bringing a patient up……………………… 9cm with a bulging bag.” To which I responded “IM WHAT?! Can I still have the epidural?!” 😂 I was moved very quickly from triage to labor & delivery and then it was a whirlwind of nurses, my doctor and lord only knows who else. I was loaded with IV fluids and given my epidural, 10mins later we were pushing and a couple minutes after that there she was. My epidural kicked in shortly after my little one was in my arms 😐 yay for that


So maybe next time we leave for the hospital just a bit sooner 😉

Madison Malissa Ryan was born on 11/15/15 at 7:08pm. Weighing 8lbs 7oz and 20.5inches long. Looking just like her big sister!

We decided to have a photographer with us this time because I really wanted clear memories of this moment and I am so SO glad I did!! For most of Sams time with us I didn’t even know she was there – seriously y’all.. You’re kinda just focused on the task at hand haha! And she was super stealthy. She caught some amazing moments that would have otherwise been completely forgotten. She froze time.

I don’t think I fully appreciated Seans support through this until I saw those pictures. He was in the thick of it right there with me. Working right along side me and helped bring our girl into this world. I’m forever thankful to Sam for freezing one of the best days of my life for me. And forever thankful for my husband! Because while, let’s be real, I would have gotten through that just fine without him there but goodness having him by my side sure made it that much easier.

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I’ll be writing about Miss Mad’s first week here shortly. For now, I’ve got a teeny baby to snuggle <3

xoxo, Elizabeth

{Days to go?!}


37 weeks

Y’all, I’ve been trying so hard to be a good sport, to count my blessings and to really soak in this special time but it’s so hard. I’m having almost daily contractions and have been for weeks.. And I’m not talking cramping, Braxton hicks.. I’m talking stop you in your tracks, contractions. That being said, nothing consistent and nothing time-able. And, apparently they aren’t doing a darn thing. Awesome.

On the plus side, there really is nothing like contractions to kick your booty into high gear and make sure you are ready for this little person! Before the contractions started we literally only had the crib and changing station set up. Since then, I have slowly been checking things off my list! My hospital bag is packed, baby clothes have been washed, nursery decor is going up! We still have a few little things to grab, including a big sister present.

At our last Doctor’s appointment we were told that Madison is pretty comfy in there, which is ok, she still has a two more weeks but with the contractions I was kind of thinking (hoping) that there would be some progression. Everything else is looking on track. I’m just about where I was with Hayden weight wise… I’m just hoping that she isn’t almost 9lbs like her sister, cause, yikes…

We had already set up our extra room for the baby before we found out what we were having. If we had known before that she was a she we probably would have kept her in our room until she was ready to join her sister. I mean, Hayden was with us until like 6-7 months! But, since we had the room semi-ready, we’ve just been rolling with it!

 Ever since my little owl string art I made for a friend, I’ve been obsessed with them!!
I plan on making another owl board for Madison’s room because really, it’s SO cute!!

Pink and Owls have definitely been the theme of her room… From the super cute owl fabric I found to make her name, to the suuuuuuuper soft blankie that Hayden picked out for her.. and everything in between. I cut up the extra fabric I had from her name to make a cute little tree with a couple owls on them. All I used was the fabric, paint for the background and some mod podge on a canvas! It took a while to draw out, then cut out what I wanted but I’m so happy with how it turned out!


I’ll have to post some more nursery pictures soon. But really, I’ve spent most of my time cleaning… and then re-cleaning as soon as my little hurricane gets home. I also took some time and tried some freezer meal recipes. I’ve read great things on the recipes I picked but I hate all things crockpot, with the exception of Chili.. So we will see how those goes. But I figured with the baby’s due date approaching quickly I had better try it!

Doctor’s appointment on Thursday! And hopefully I’ll be announcing a little lady here very soon.

xoxo, Elizabeth







{Hospital Bag}


Mommy & Madison’s stuff. Daddy has his own bag 😉

I love reading different blogs on what mommas choose to to bring along to the hospital! If you are like me, with my first little babe, you probably packed waaaaay too much. I mean it. I packed a full suitcase that I take on a weeks vacation! I also waited until I was in labor before packing my hospital bag, whoops. Which probably didn’t help the over-packing.

This time around, my contractions have started early (with Hayden I didn’t get any until “go time”) so that has been a serious movtivation to get things in order. I get them almost everyday and they are painful – so it’s like a little daily reminder to continue to check things off my list because she will be here before we know it!


For me:

  • Pajamas
  • Comfy undies
  • Fuzzy socks (because hospitals are cold, and I hate cold feet!)
  • Slippers
  • Nursing tank
  • Nursing bra
  • Lanolin cream
  • Phone charger
  • Straightener
  • Hair brush
  • Make up bag

For Madison:

  • Going home outfit
  • Sleeper
  • Socks
  • Fuzzy blankie
  • Receiving blanket

For daddy:

  • 1 change of clothes
  • Comfy Pajama Pants
  • Pillow
  • Tablet + charger
  • Candy

When we were in the hospital with Hayden we received the sweetest card from our nurses. It was so simple but so personalized to us and really meant a whole lot! It was then I wished that we had something to give our nurses who took such great care of us the 3 days we were in the hospital. This time, were coming prepared! Hayden and I have put together these little goodies for our nurses. Just a little treat to show we were thinking about them!

I picked up a pack of Thank you cards from big lots for a buck, they were big squares so I cut them in half and wrote a special little message in them, each a little different… But each with something to do about passing along the “sweetness”. We then grabbed a bag of assorted candy for $9 (thank you Halloween time!) put a few in a snack sized ziploc with our note and closed them up! We made 12 of these.

* Note, you’ll want to make sure the candies are prepackaged… Cause, germs. 😉 *

If you’re not wanting to give candies, you can always do mini bags of popcorn and use a play on the whole “just popped”. Or travel sized trail mix with a note saying something along the lines of “we hope we didn’t make you too nutty” 😀 haha!

IMG_5294 IMG_5295 IMG_5346


xo, E


When Sean and I first discussed the possibility of baby number two one of my wish was for another girl. Don’t get me wrong, truly the only thing we really care about was a healthy baby. Boy or Girl it really didn’t matter. But my heart kept going back to Hayden having a sister. I’m the baby in my family and I’ve got a few of each but spent most of my childhood with my older brother. While growing up we fought like cats and dogs, it wasn’t until we got a little older that we started to have a good relationship. That being said, there is not a single person on this planet who I have always looked up to more than my sister. My sister is 17 years older than I am. So, granted we have (I’m assuming) a much different kind of relationship than if we were 2 or 3 years apart but even still, we have always been close. She’s always been the image I’ve strived to be. I still remember her taking me with her… and still remember starring out the front window when she didn’t lol! My hope, while thinking about baby number two has always been that Hayden would have that close relationship. A sister. Because really, there is nothing quite like it.


31w 4d

From the beginning of (and even before) this pregnancy, I just knew, we would have another little lady joining our family. Once we found out we were expecting, or shortly after that, is when I really started to question that. I’m not sure if it was the fact that E V E R Y O N E (aside from really Sean and I) kept referring to “it” as he or if it was the fact that this pregnancy has been so, so different than mine with Hayden. I mean everything is different. When it came time to find out the baby’s gender I had decided that I really didn’t want to know. Truthfully, this pregnancy has been hard. It hasn’t been enjoyable at all and while I’ve tried my very best to keep a positive attitude, it’s just been hard. I thought that keeping the gender a surprise would give us something to really look forward to, aside from meeting our little one of course! And we had done great! Until nesting kicked in to high gear and we still hadn’t decided on a boy name. *side note; I have PLENTY of boy names I adore. My husband on the other hand couldn’t give me a single suggestion. Not one ya’ll. It’s crazy the amount of unrealistic anxiety that you have while pregnant. Would it really be the end of the world had we gone into the hospital without a boy name? No. I mean, people leave the hospital with their unnamed babies for goodness sakes! But, to me, it was a huge deal.

So, ya’ll we caved! 

And we are beyond thrilled that Mommy and Daddy were correct and we are having a little girl! A “Bebe Sisser” for our Hayden. She’s going to be the best big sister, I just know it! I can’t wait to watch these girls grow up together. And I’m so thankful that this little one will have Hayden to look up to! Which leads me to our name choice, I let Sean choose her first name because I truly did love every one of our top 5 picks and Malissa, after my Big Sis! <3

xo, Elizabeth

{Introducing Keke – Part 2}

This post has been long over due! We’ve had Keke for almost 3 months now and she has totally blended into our family (with the exception of one dog – which we will get into in a bit). When we introduce a new dog into our house I always start with Matix, my boy, because he really loves everyone. He’s goofy and loves to play and will not react if a new dog growls at him… where as Buster, our other male is quick to put dogs in their place. Generally the order of Meet-N-Greets (for new dogs – because we have never had a cat) goes Matix, Coco, and then depending on new dogs gender Mamas and Buster.

So when we were choosing who to start with on Keke introductions we naturally went with Matix. A little Matix backround – adopted at age 9 months, was fearful of humans, has always gotten along with dogs and even lived with cats for nearly 7 months paying no attention to them. Seems like a no brainer, right? Wrong. About a half a second in to our introductions Matix ignored all his obedience commands and tried jumping for Keke (who was still in Sean’s arms) his intentions at that point in time were unclear.

We moved on to our next choice, Coco. A little Coco background – adopted at 6 months, extremely fearful of men, dog friendly. She was actually Sean and his ex’s dog, when they split, Coco went to live with her. We were told that Coco use to “catch” stray cats in the backyard and also there was an incident with the new boyfriends cat – which nobody really knows what happened  because nobody was home. This ultimately led to Coco coming to live with us and we have had her since Feb 2012. So, not ideal, right? You are probably thinking, ‘why in the world did you get a cat?!’ well, ya’ll, I know my dogs, we live in the now and what they did previously holds little ground on who they will be tomorrow. (I mean, Once upon a time Matix use to bite people.) So we started with Coco. I brought Coco in the living room with a slip lead on, put her in a down stay and had cut up turkey dog and string cheese ready. Sean came in the room holding Keke and sat down with her in his lap right next to Coco. Obviously Coco was very interested in seeing and smelling Keke, so all I did was redirect her by calling her name, she’d make eye contact with me, she would get a treat. It only took about a minute for her understand what I was wanting from her, which was to keep her eyes on me and at this point she was fed like a slot machine! Eyes stayed on mom (and off the cat) meant she got a hotdog. *side note. we work obedience a lot in our daily routines. sit and stay before meal time, eye contact before eating, name recall, all that jazz. I would suggest brushing up on your obedience before doing an introduction.

Coco did amazing and after a few minutes (and a few hot dogs) Sean let Keke leave his lap and I kept Coco in a down stay. Repeat, Name call, treat. If she kept eye contact, no name call, just treats.
IMG_4712This was worked for a few days and then we took off Coco’s slip lead and did the same thing. Here’s a photo of her off lead with Keke. As you can see, Keke doesn’t care at all that there is a dog next to her – which has helped this process A LOT! But at the same time, it is also the reason we have gone so slow with this process. I do not want Keke to ever have a reason to fear dogs. Coco is totally focused on the hotdogs in this picture 🙂 A day or two of this and we let Coco up out of her down stay and let her smell and follow Keke around. Randomly, I would call her over and make her down again, simply because I could. Obedience isn’t suppose to be a negative thing. You shouldn’t only call your dog over when they are doing something wrong. You don’t need a reason, other than you want them to come and lay down when asked. Period. And that’s what we work on with our dogs. Obedience – just because.

Next dog we chose was Mamas (with hesitation from me). I don’t give that dog nearly enough credit. A little Mamas background – adopted at a year as a foster. We ended up keeping her because she kept being returned. She was NAUGHTY. Destructive, didn’t listen for anything, constantly pushed limits, she also allegedly bit someone who stuck their hand through the fence to try and hit her with a stick (this story came from the last family she was at which is why we decided not to try and find her another home). She literally did not care one bit. Her introduction went something like this.

 “OMYGAHHHHH, I’m the only one (dog) in the house right now?! PET ME! Lay down? ok. Leash? are we going for a walk? Hi cat. Is the cat going for a walk with us? PET ME!” and then Keke proceeded to “hunt” Mamas very waggy tail.
Mamas and Keke were literally friends the first day they met. So that same day, and a few days after, we had Coco, Mamas and Keke together.

Some more tail hunting. Buster hates it.

Buster was next and he was ok, super excited about the cat and we took a few extra days with his down stay before we actually let him up. Sometimes, he doesn’t know his own strength, so his idea of playing with the cat is not exactly what Keke has in mind.

We are on a solid month of having Keke out with our PitBulls and it’s going great! While Keke is out Matix is in his kennel and if Matix is out Keke is in Hayden’s room. About a week after we were comfortable with Keke and Buster together we started letting Keke sleep outside of her crate. Matix sleeps in a kennel anyways so that wasn’t a real issue.
There is literally nothing cuter than waking up to Keke and Mamas curled up sleeping together on our bed. Or going in Hayden’s room and seeing Keke curled up by Hayden’s head.



Coco and Keke playing

Honestly, we’ve been slacking on Matix’s introduction. A big part of this is wanting Keke to be a little bigger and to really be comfortable with the other dogs. Which she absolutely is! Watching her play with the Pits is hilarious!

Also, Keke likes water, which I thought was uncommon? She has actually jumped in the bath with Hayden to attack her bubbles. She’s a pretty cool cat! We definitely got lucky!

I’ll be sure to update as we get Matix and Keke introduced. I’m sure it’ll be an interesting process.

xo, E

{Baby Update}

Guys. I had every intention of keeping this updated throughout this pregnancy. I wanted weekly bump pictures and to really document this time around. It goes by so quick! (Did my 29week pregnant self really just say that!?) And I don’t know how many more times I’m going to be able to experience pregnancy, especially after this one. Ya’ll, it’s been hard. Growing a human is no joke, this I of course knew last time as well but it’s a whole different ballgame this time. 

Firstly, pregnancy with a 2 1/2 year old? Oh my. Hayden hasn’t slowed down one bit and why would I have expected her to? Silly mommy. On top of still being mommy to my little hurricane I’m working full time. And we are BUSY. Then to make it all that much more interesting this pregnancy has been so very different from mine with H. Which I hear constantly, ‘every pregnancy is different’ but man-oh-man it’s different. I like to think I’ve been pretty pleasant to be around despite being terribly uncomfortable. In the first few month, the nausea, oh the nausea. I was constantly sick or at least feeling very sick. And here we are at 29 weeks and I’m still getting waves of nausea! Talk about a real downer. I’m also carrying lower than I was with Hayden. Hayden was always playing with my ribs which was super obnoxious but not nearly as obnoxious as a baby sitting, quite literally, on my bladder and so low I feel like I need to hold my bump to walk comfortably. I won’t even start on the lower back pain but let’s just say some days  it stops me in my tracks. Our doctors appointments haven’t been all that great, I feel like we’re learning something or something isn’t “normal” each appointment (all is well with our little babe – just takes an extra step to figure that out). With the exception of our glucose test, aced that one! Praise Jesus! No unnecessary needles. 


25 weeks

 On the plus side, we’ve had fun getting Hayden ready for a baby brother or sister. Her favorite is poking my belly button. We’ve also had fun not finding out the gender, which is apparently super frustrating for everyone 🙂 For me, the only frustrating part is Sean having no name suggestions for boys. I mean it. Zero. From the beginning I thought we were having another little lady and while this pregnancy is so different, which is the only reason I slightly think maybe it’s a boy, Sean and I are still really leaning towards girl. We will of course be excited about which ever gender but how sweet would it be for Hayden to have a sister! And on the other hand, how fun would a little man be!? Although, if it’s a boy, this poor dude is going to be named Baby Boy Ryan. While a little girl has plenty of name options – our top picks being Gracyn, Hadley or Madison. I’m seriously considering caving to find out the gender just so we can decide a name. Or at least so we know if we need to be concerned about finding a boy name! We’ve done awesome thus far of not going baby shopping crazy. With Hayden we literally bought something each time we went to the store. Which left us with a lot of unused things!!! 

We’ve had the crib set up for a little while now but just last week we moved Seans office out of the spare room and into my craft room to start getting everything ready. We’ve also pulled out all our baby stuff, which is just so exciting! Only 11 more weeks!!!!!!

Coming soon… bump photo update. nursery photos & baby room crafts. plus a Keke update (who totally thinks she’s a dog). 

xo, Elizabeth

{Introducing Keke – Part 1}

When Sean and I first started discussing if we should let Hayden have a cat or not, our first biggest concern (of course) was our dogs. We have 4 very large dogs that are all older (7 and 6) and haven’t spent a whole lot of time around cats. Being that they are Pitbulls and a Dutch shepherd, we had concerns, not because we thought they would intentionally hurt the cat but one wrong move and all could be very bad! We had originally wanted to adopt an older cat. But after much thought we decided a kitten would be best for our family/situation.

  1. A kitten would be less afraid of the dogs. Where as a rescued cat may have had a bad experience with a dog.
  2. A kitten would be more likely to play with Hayden.
  3. The dogs were more likely to adjust to a baby rather than a full grown cat.
  4. And ultimately, it was all about finding “the right” cat. And we did, and she happens to be a baby!

When we first brought Keke home we wanted her to be able to check the place out.
So first we 1)Separated The Dogs. We put them outside for a bit to let Keke walk around and check out her new house. (Because we live in Arizona and its 110 outside, this was short – maybe 20-30minutes)


Keke’s “Safe Place”. We don’t have the third level up because she’s pretty small still.

Next, we needed to 2)Create A Safe Place. We chose to use a kitty casita (shown in the photo). Luckily for us I work for a pet resort, so we were able to borrow a nice big 3 story cage that she could stay in and be safe. Keke loves this thing! It’s $150 on PetEdge and we will probably end up buying one of our own. We  have it in Hayden’s room and leave the doors to the cage open but close Hayden’s door while we are out of the house. Our dogs stay in crates while we are away also. So it’s just extra protection. Doggies are safe in their crates. Kitty is safe in Hayden’s room. Honestly, I don’t see this ever changing. I’m a firm believer in crate training (and supervised playtime) Some think crate training is “cruel”. I find it necessary. But I’ll save that for another post. (Also, please note in the photo, yes, that is a diaper box. Hayden said she needed a “house” so we cut a hole in the side and she actually loves it!)

The next day we 3)Introduced The Dogs To Kekes Smell. I used the blanket she had been sleeping on. I brought it out to the dogs and let them all sniff it like crazy! I also let the dogs come in to Hayden’s room (without Keke in there) and let them smell her cage and all its things (toys, litter box, bed etc.)

After that, we 4)Let Them See Each Other. Keke actually did amazing with this. She was not phased by the dogs at all. Which helped ALOT! I would say, if your kitty is freaking out, you’re moving too fast!!!! For our situation it was more about the dogs getting use to the cat. So we held Keke and had our dogs (ONE AT A TIME) sit next to us and let them sniff. If they were too excited or pushy (which did happen) I put them in a down-stay until they collected themselves.

This is where we are at in our process so far and we’ve had Keke for almost a week. Some might think we are taking too long… But I don’t want Keke to have a bad experience with the dogs or vice versa, because that will take SO much longer to correct, so we are really just taking our time with it. Also in there, Keke was spayed, so we took a couple days off of introductions.

I’ll post our next steps soon!


You know those times where you feel like you are just absent from life? I’ve been feeling stuck there for what seems like far too long! I’ve been working on a single “update” post for about a month and cannot seem to finished it. I’m tired and unmotivated and I feel like I’m unproductive in all aspects of life most of the time… Honestly, I’ve felt pretty darn low lately.

Sometimes life is hard, you know? Sometimes life throws you curveballs. And sometimes it feels like they just keep coming. Sometimes this mama stuff is hard.  It’s surely not the times I want to remember! But then again, how can we fully appreciate our blessings without remembering our trying times? Thankfully, I seem to be on the upswing. Yes, sometimes life is hard. But my favorite part about social media and specifically mommy blogs, is that truly you’re not alone! It’s takes a village, ya’ll!

We are currently at 22 weeks! (20 in this photo) And I’m feeling much better, pregnancy wise. I’m not getting sick after nearly every meal, so that’s a plus! I started feeling baby kicks around 18 weeks which has been so fun! Which is also when I started showing, at least that’s when I noticed. You still can’t tell under normal clothes. We had our 20 week ultrasound and I don’t think I’ll ever be over that amazement! I’m still in regular clothes. Pants are a little snug when the baby is really low, which I’m noticing is more and more.

At the beginning of this pregnancy I was convinced it was a girl. Basically until I started puking all the time and feeling like complete crap.. Because that was so not the case with my pregnancy with Hayden! So who knows, maybe it’s a boy!! At this point we aren’t finding out what we are having. I say at this point because we didn’t when we had the opportunity to. My goal is to not overspend like I did when I was pregnant with H. I literally bought something each time I went to the store. It was ridiculous. So, we have all of the major things needs. With the exception of an infant seat and stroller (which are pink). I’m kinda thinking if it’s a boy, he will just come home from the hospital in his sisters pink seat and we will get him a new one after lol! My goal is to be conservative… We will see how that goes!

We also added a new little addition to our already growing family. A kitten! Hayden has been asking for a kitten every single day for months!! We finally caved when the most perfect little Keke ever found us! She’s been calling her Cute, Kitty or Keke (kitty-kitty). Despite my protest I think Hayden is going to win the name game and Keke it shall be. The two of them are already best friends. And our dogs have done extremely well. Especially for never sharing their house with a cat. Keke is about 11weeks and is seriously the coolest cat I’ve ever met! She’s constantly purring. So playful and yet loves to cuddle. She may make a “cat person” out of all of us!









Coming up here soon I’ll be sharing my favorite go-to cravings recipes.
Also, how we are introducing our 4 (very large) dogs to our new kitty.

xo, E

Pregnancy Round 2

I have been all sorts of distracted and MIA from life lately. Partially because I have a two-year old, who is constantly on the go. Partially because I’m back to working full time. And partially because I’m (almost) 15 weeks pregnant. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been neglecting my husband as well. Thank goodness he’s a good sport. I’m dying. Ok. Maybe not actually dying. But it kinda feels like it. This pregnancy is so very different than mine with Hayden, I do not remember being this sick and tired, so very, very tired… Maybe because I’m chasing around a two-year old this time? And I feel like we are all constantly fighting off something. It’s so hard to figure out what is making me feel like a zombie, the baby or if I’m actually coming down with something. I’m having a difficult time cooking anything. The thought of smelling eggs is making me gag, like right now. But all I seem to want is eggs, #thestruggle. I hope Hayden doesn’t mind getting cereal for breakfast for the next couple weeks.

We have had two doctors appointments so far. We changed drs this time around because I constantly felt rushed with Hayden and so disconnected. Well, I absolutely love my new doctor and am so glad we changed! Our first appointment was almost 2 hours, and not two hours of waiting. We were in consultations, meeting with the whole staff and telling our entire medical history’s. Oh, and we got to hear the baby’s heart beat, I don’t think that will ever stop amazing me! Our last appointment was terrifying. We saw the NP (which I will never, ever do again) she was awesome, until it came time to listen to the heart beat. Sean said it took about 5 minutes but I swear it felt a whole lot longer than that. I honestly can’t even remember everything that happened – only bits and pieces. I was crying. All I kept hearing was “that’s YOUR heart beat”…. “we may need to get an ultrasound” …. “you need to breathe”. And finally, Sean said the doctor said, “there, that’s your baby’s” but apparently I was on a different planet. Because I heard none of that. And just like that the NP said “that was scary, huh mom?” and left my room. I had to clarify with Sean if they actually heard the heart beat, which he said yes. That still didn’t make me feel any better. I feel like she just rushed out of the room as quickly as she could. I didn’t even have time to calm down to hear the heart beat and know that the baby was okay. We did some office paperwork and our blood work and Sean and the office manager scheduled me for an ultrasound to calm me down a little. It worked. Turns out our little one was moving around so much! Which is likely why the NP was having such a hard time finding the heart beat.

2015-05-08 11.26.12-3

After that I felt like I could breathe a little easier. I mean, come on, look at that picture! I lost a couple lbs, probably due to all the puking this little one is causing me. And I have no bump to show. Which isn’t exactly surprising – I didn’t start showing until well passed my half-way point with Hayden. But I will say I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping to show a little sooner with this one. Everyone thought it was so great, me not showing for a while… But I promise it wasn’t all that wonderful. I feel like my body would like it a whole lot more if the expanding process was gradual and not all at once LOL! We will see!

Today we are 14weeks 4days

– lost 3lbs from last drs visit
– still in all regular clothes
– cravings?
Sushi (OF COURSE!)
Chocolate Milk
Eggs (which makes me nauseous every time I think about them, which is all the time)
– feeling? Nauseous and Sleepy. (All.The.Time) and so, so thankful!




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