Our little lady is a rise with the sun kind of gal.. and if you know me, I do not function well before like 9:30 and not until I’ve had my coffee. The past week or so Hayden has been waking up at 6am.. shortly after the sun. Now this would be ok if we were still giving her 2 naps during the day but we’ve cut back to 1 which means that she gets awfully crabby either when we push her nap later.. or when were trying to keep her up til her bedtime, which is 8-8:30pm. Last night we decided to trick her little brain by covering her window with a curtain … and would you look at that it’s 8:40am and shes still sleeping! – And literally right after typing that I hear “mamaaaaa” coming from her room LOL!

Well I’m looking forward to today… and tomorrow.. and this weekend! and monday! Today were going out in search of some bathing suits and a little playtime at the mall before I head into work this afternoon for some meetings. Tomorrow morning were going to our first mommy&me movie! Saturday were working on Daddy’s Day presents!!!! And Monday we start swimming lessons! Hence shopping for bathing suits today! Am I weird?.. I have 10 bikinis.. and something inside me is telling me I cannot wear them to my daughters swimming lessons..

I’m really enjoying mine and Hayden’s time together. I love taking her places, doing new things and watching her explore. I’ve noticed myself taking less pictures and really enjoying moments with her. This is really something I struggle with. My phone is a big part of my life, for many different reasons. 1) Family.. being in a different state. I really like seeing all the photos my sisters post of my nieces and nephews. And I love them being able to see Hayden! 2) Work. I’m always sitting around waiting for a phone call that something has happened and I need to go help. Or an email from my boss about something he needs me to jump right on. and 3) personal.. I just love having photos of everything.. especially my little lady! But I’ve really started to realize that Hayden notices… she KNOWS when I’m watching or when I’m watching through my phone.. or if I’m sitting with her watching MickeyMouse but checking my email also.. so as of lately.. I’ve put down the phone and have really, really spent time with her.. Time that I know I’m not getting back. Sure, I won’t have 1,800 pictures on my phone in a 7 month timeframe (seriously), sure some other people will have to wait a little longer than usual… but that’s ok by me. And definitely ok with Hayden!

And now, she’s ready to start her day “mama, ALL DONE!” Which means, “come get me out of this crib!” 🙂 Happy Thursday! & put down those phones!

xo, E