When Friday’s doctors appointment came and went (which happened to be my due date) without any progress I was slightly discouraged. I was so ready to meet our little babe and yet I was trying to wait until she was ready. My doctor is amazing. We discussed our options, set a plan – which was waiting until the following Friday to talk about being induced and he told me to just call him if I changed my mind and we’d meet at the hospital.

40weeks 1day

Saturday was spent at the mall walking around and playing with Hayden. I was pretty convinced Madison was hanging out for a few more days and even told Sean we could call on Monday to schedule to be induced. I was doubting very much that she would ever come LOL! I woke up Sunday morning around 430 to very familiar pains. I started tracking them and tried resting. I didn’t tell Sean I was having them until around 9 because I didn’t want to get his hopes up. After I told him we left H with my mom and got some of our last to-dos done.

Contractions went from 10-20 mins apart to pretty consistently 10mins apart and holding on for 1.5-2mins. This is apparently (according to my Dr.) the point that I should’ve gone in… So, for the record. You go into the hospital when contractions are 5mins apart and holding for a minute OR if they are super long (1.5-2mins) and hard. Good to know! 😑 I was so worried about being sent home that I figured I’d hang out “just a little longer” and a little longer… And then they hit 4-6mins apart and really took my breath away. We got our things together and got Hayden ready to leave for dinner with her Gramma.

We got to the hospital around 5:45 and I told Sean I could walk myself in to get checked in while he parked. And I did. Got checked in, examined and surprise, “oh, ok. Guys I’m bringing a patient up……………………… 9cm with a bulging bag.” To which I responded “IM WHAT?! Can I still have the epidural?!” 😂 I was moved very quickly from triage to labor & delivery and then it was a whirlwind of nurses, my doctor and lord only knows who else. I was loaded with IV fluids and given my epidural, 10mins later we were pushing and a couple minutes after that there she was. My epidural kicked in shortly after my little one was in my arms 😐 yay for that


So maybe next time we leave for the hospital just a bit sooner 😉

Madison Malissa Ryan was born on 11/15/15 at 7:08pm. Weighing 8lbs 7oz and 20.5inches long. Looking just like her big sister!

We decided to have a photographer with us this time because I really wanted clear memories of this moment and I am so SO glad I did!! For most of Sams time with us I didn’t even know she was there – seriously y’all.. You’re kinda just focused on the task at hand haha! And she was super stealthy. She caught some amazing moments that would have otherwise been completely forgotten. She froze time.

I don’t think I fully appreciated Seans support through this until I saw those pictures. He was in the thick of it right there with me. Working right along side me and helped bring our girl into this world. I’m forever thankful to Sam for freezing one of the best days of my life for me. And forever thankful for my husband! Because while, let’s be real, I would have gotten through that just fine without him there but goodness having him by my side sure made it that much easier.

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I’ll be writing about Miss Mad’s first week here shortly. For now, I’ve got a teeny baby to snuggle <3

xoxo, Elizabeth