We are thrilled to be welcoming another little babe into our crazy crew – a boy! My oh my how I never thought I’d say that! A son! With Hayden and Madison I knew from the very beginning we were having girls. And truthfully Sean and I would have been so excited for another little lady! But oh have fun it will be to see Sean with a son.

After our loss earlier this year we waited a while before celebrating our newest little love bug. I am terrified daily. We experienced some complications this time around where we thought we were losing this baby also. I had to rest and basically just hope that it wasn’t happening again. I struggle daily with trying not to stress and remaining calm. Every ache, spot, hour without movement and I’m in a state of panic. Deep breaths.

The girls are excited! Hayden really wanted another sister and most days she says that the baby is Madison’s and that the next one will be a girl and that one is hers – FYI we are not currently planning another LOL! Madison L O V E S babies – like really really loves them. Every single one she sees she immediately responses with “awwwwwwwweeee cuuute beebee!”. She constantly wants to hold and feed and help whenever there is a baby near. It’s the sweetest dang thing!

We have been discussing names for quite some time. Hayden is stuck on calling him “Sean Babe”. Sean has little input on boys names – which is funny because he picked both our girls names lol! And I have to admit, Boys names are so much harder! So far we have Mateo – a name I’ve loved for a long time. Micah – a name that has been on our list with both girls. Mason – one we actually both agree on. But who knows! If you have suggestions – lay them on me!

We can’t wait to meet you come March little dude!