20140514-120447.jpgWell, we just got back from 9days in California. It was a great trip! So nice to sit back for a little, relax and not have to jump back into the car to drive home. It was also great to have enough time to see most people. I missed that.

My second Mothers Day has come and gone.. and in this “season of life” we are going through it seems everyone is getting pregnant. Seriously. I know 4 babies coming from close friends, all in 2014!!!! I know it has a lot to do with our age, were getting older, which means our friends are getting older. I’ve been asked by a couple of our friends different questions about motherhood. If I miss my life before? What is it really like? Worth it? So here are my thoughts, my truths, on being a Mommy, currently, after celebrating my second Mother’s Day! While dealing with a spirited 15 month old. Who tests my patients, DAILY 🙂

No, I don’t miss our life before Hayden. Now, if you broke down the question, it may be different. Like.. I miss parts. Such as, sleeping in past 8am. Eating peacefully in a restaurant. Running errands… You know, like running from one store to the other.. Try doing that with a baby who fights you each time she goes into her car seat. But the truth is, “missing” all that stuff doesn’t even come close to all the amazing stuff that comes along with parenting.

This past week, I’ve threatened to leave Hayden at a few different places.. Would I actually do it? Probably not 😉 but chances are all new parents think about running away.. (Even just if it’s for an hour. To eat hot food lol!) Especially when your precious little babe is chewing her food and then decides she’s taken too much.. So she spits it all out and then screams.. Either with excitement “OMG, look how much I fit in my mouth!!!” or with anger, like “WHY DID YOU GIVE ME SO MUCH!?!”. Oh, your child won’t do that at a restaurant? That’s cute. I thought that too. Truth is. There are some things you can’t control.. You make the best of it. Like walking outside for a break with your little monster while your delicious food is cooling, yum. Another truth? I love every second of our walks around the outside of restaurants. Hayden picks up flowers and rocks and the occasional blade of grass. She’s happy, which makes me so happy. And yes, I have learned to love cold food 😉

Chances are if you come to our house Mickey Mouse clubhouse is on, or Sofia the First. You learn to love those shows too… Like I literally watch Sofia the First and DocStuffins during nap times. Don’t judge.

Fact. I have no idea what I’m doing on a daily basis. And I’ve heard, that’s pretty standard. Another fact? You just do it. I’ve had shitty days that turned into all-nighters with a sick baby, and then back to work.. Yes, it sucks. But guess what, you do it. You get past it. Restless nights with an inconsolable baby.. How about teething? Oh, just wait for molars.. And I heard fangs are fun too. Guess what… You get past that also.. “It won’t be like this for long” is mine and my girls song when she’s feeling unHayden-like and it is absolutely true. “These days are gonna fly by, if you can just hold on, cause it won’t be like this for long.”

So even when she’s being a handful, wild & crazy.. She is still the best thing I’ve ever done.
20140514-115914.jpg20140514-120033.jpg I’m so proud of the saucy, sometimes a little snobby, perfectly wonderful little lady that she is!




20140514-120105.jpg20140514-120205.jpgSo, to my friends having babies… Thinking about having babies or just had babies. It’s terrifyingly wonderful. Don’t worry, I promise you, you’ll sleep again some day. You’ll make it to the next day. And yes, whether you think so at the time or not, you WILL miss those sleepless nights, all nighters in the rocking chair, or singing your sweet little baby to sleep. So soak it up, every single second!!

xo, E