Now that life has slowed down a bit and we are all healthy I’ll jot down a few things we’ve been up to these past few weeks! Firstly, all of us were awfully sick! Sean with a terrible sinus infection, Hayden with a double ear infection which caused her to spike 103.8 fevers and myself with tonsillitis. It was awful. What’s the only thing about being sick? Having a sick baby and husband. Yikes! Once we all got to the doctors and got on some medications we all felt a whole lot better… And now, were back to 100%!

For the last week and a half I’ve been in Scottsdale, which is about 25mins from home, helping our new Franchisee get his location up and running! It was an existing daycare converting to VLP! I was able to work with a staff who knew what they were doing, not starting from scratch! It was beautiful and made my job SO much easier! I had a blast and I love that they are so close!!
Now were getting ready for a few big events.. Pet Expo, Re-Grand Opening and a Grand Opening for our YouFit neighbors! I’m looking forward to slowing back down a little..

On depressing side of updates, we had to say goodbye to a member of our family last Saturday.. Our 16 year old Border Collie, Babie. Although she was 16 and has been getting progressively worse over the last year, it was not an easy decision to make an appointment to put her to sleep… Babie was a pain in the butt.. She was a jerk, so grouchy, extremely sassy and unbelievably spirited… When I say she was a B*%?! I’m not saying it to be mean, she was just a Female BC.. And if you know anything about them, you know what I’m talking about! I wish I would’ve gotten a video of what she thought about birds in her backyard.. At 16 years old she’d still bolt out to the yard and chase them away! (And not get up for the rest of the day) As awful as it sounds I really didn’t think that I would be as sad as I am without her. I thought, well yes, I love her and I’ll miss her but it’ll be ok.. Well, it’s been 4 days and I still break down multiple times a day.. It probably doesn’t help working with dogs going through this… Every old dog I meet… Every dog named “Baby” I sob. She was such a huge part of our family and our pack.. Luckily, our other pups seem to be level headed about it.. And I’m sure I’ll get there too.. But I hope to never have to make that call again…

Our grouchy Babie Girl is most definitely missed ❤️




xo, E