Big Girl Bed!

In a little over one month our girl is going to be TWO! T W O!!! My tiny little baby is getting to be such a big girl.  She’s all over the place. Into everything.. Climbs on everything and is wicked fast. She’s been out of her crib for a little while now (we just moved her mattress to the floor). But just last week she moved into a big girl twin bed – which her and her dogs love. Seriously she LOVES  it! The first night I forgot to put the baby gate up and woke up to her helping herself to her milk in the fridge. Yes, she opens the fridge and helps herself. That, is not so awesome because she only opens it…

She’s slowly learning new words – her favorites currently? “Cold” because anything under 70 degrees outside is cold to her. “Go” yeah. lovely. And not in the “let’s go” context.. more like “Mom, get out of here”. “Blue” except, everything is blue. And “More” which she says the cutest way ever.. Seriously. I need to record it. She’s done SO GOOD with potty training! I have just been 10403393_618314011629740_4744467309625188715_na huge chicken to risk going out without a diaper. Oh and she’s huge. Whenever people ask how old she is and I tell them their first response is “WOW she’s tall!” or “Big Girl!” which I never know if they are referring to her height or size in general. Don’t worry baby girl, that Hispanic blood gave you thick thighs and curves – you’ll learn to love them 😉

Boogs, I’m so proud to be your momma. You are one amazing little lady! And I treasure each and every day together – even your saucy days.. and believe me there are plenty of those. I hope to never take for granted the wonderful, strong-willed, bright and fearless person you are. I love you, My girl!


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love this beautiful little family of mine! <3

love this beautiful little family of mine! <3