We had so much fun this past weekend celebrating our little ladys 2nd Birthday!! I’m loving every second of this chapter of life I am in. Most days I’m completely lost on how to parent this sassy, super independent, head-strong girl I’ve got here but even on those hard days, I’m still so thankful to be her mama. And so thankful she forgives me when I royally mess up! I’ve decided to keep my letter to Hayden off the blog and just send them straight to her email – some things I really feel like are best just kept between us! But I will say… Hayden, you make me more and more proud as the days pass! I love you, my girl.

Hayden and I spent her actual birthday together just hanging out. Pancakes for breakfast, lots of coloring, lots of Sofia, and way too many grapes. Basically it was “no rules Wednesday.” And she loved it. Once Sean got off work we headed to the park with Nana to get some photos of our girl in her birthday dress (that her daddy picked out, good taste 😉 ).

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On Saturday we got to celebrate our buddy Jaxon’s first birthday! And then on Sunday the Cooks and the Ryans, along with our parents set out to the Wildlife Park! We had such a great morning at the Zoo checking out all the cool (and not so cool – snakes) animals! Hayden convinced her daddy she needed a goat, without even saying anything. And we got to feed the giraffes (I believe I said, more than 50 times, “Please do not drop our child”)!




on the way to the Wildlife Park!


















After the zoo, Hayden went with Nana and Gpa while Sean and I headed home to get ready for Hayden’s Dinner! I had been calling it a Pizza and Cake day. Because let’s face it, the word “party” is a little stressful! No? just me? Well anyways! I wish I had more photos of the food because I was super impressed with Sean and myself for pulling all of it together in like 3 hours! We had a blast!


I was worried Hayden would be freaked out by everyone singing to her. I was very, very wrong!


I love pictures of Hayden with her Daddy and Uncles. Seriously, doesn’t she look so proud?!













Thank you to everyone who helped us celebrate our girl! We had so much fun!


xo, E