The hubs and I had talked about foster care for a while as something we would like to do, eventually. At first it was ‘when we’re finished having kids’ which led into ‘let’s just check it out’. We set up a time for orientation, went and we were both shocked by the information we received. I was on board from day one – I think Sean hopped on somewhere around the time where we hear 19,000 kiddos in care in Arizona. Holy.

There is so much I would like to say and share but really I’m having a hard time finding the time to sit down and write – and we don’t even have a placement yet. Maybe I’ll share some short videos about our journey. We will see. For now we are looking at November/December that we will be welcoming a kiddo/s into our home. If all goes well. We have finished paperwork, classes, state inspection and have one more visit with our LW (licensing worker) for our home study. From there we are really just waiting for our LW to write up the home study and for that to be approved.

We get a lot of questions and a lot that I really don’t have the answer to because we don’t have a placement yet. I hope to write (or make some videos) answering all the questions I can. Thank you friends for all the support! xoxo.Elizabeth

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