Hayden and I have been working on our Daddy’s Day planning for a few weeks now.. Here’s a little peek at our favorite craftie for the best daddy in the world ❤️





and now it’s framed ready to be hung up in the office! Hayden loves looking at pictures of herself and her favorite person!

Boogs and I have planned a nice little day for our special guy.. Some breakfast.. Some presents and some playtime. I’m so blessed to have this amazing man as my forever and he is the best father to our little lady! I love you Sean-Patrick! forever and ever ❤️


Shout out to my Pops, who is quite possibly the hardest working man I know! Can’t thank him enough for all he has done for our family. I love you Dad!

xo, E

p.s. plastic trash bags taped to the floor for painting might have been my best idea this year. 😉