I was browsing through a thrift store, looking for a cupcake tray for Hayden’s birthday.. I went to so many different stores trying to find a darn tray with no luck. Finally at the last store, and running out of time because the party was the next day, I decided to just make one. I found this plate for a .25 cents. And this candle stick holder for .50 cents


I took it home, washed it off, and used some of my purple spray paint I had in my crafts drawer. After letting it dry (I left it over night) I used hot glue and glued the candle stick holder to the bottom of the plate!

(I would suggest putting some sort of putty in the candlestick holders opening.. To flatten that out and give it a bigger glueing surface!! – I’ll be doing this so that it lasts longer and I can use it again!!)

And BAM, done. Cupcake platter for under a buck!


I’ve also been working on my cake decorating skills..



I would’ve liked to have done more crafts and such for Hayden’s Arizona party but she wouldn’t allow time for that! lol there are books that needed reading, blocks that needed stacking and teddy bears that needed cuddling!

Her party turned out great! I’m so thankful for our wonderful friends and family who helped us celebrate with her. And especially my Mom-in-law Lori for letting us invade her house, she’s amazing! Photos of the actual party are coming in the next post! <3

xo, E