37 weeks

Y’all, I’ve been trying so hard to be a good sport, to count my blessings and to really soak in this special time but it’s so hard. I’m having almost daily contractions and have been for weeks.. And I’m not talking cramping, Braxton hicks.. I’m talking stop you in your tracks, contractions. That being said, nothing consistent and nothing time-able. And, apparently they aren’t doing a darn thing. Awesome.

On the plus side, there really is nothing like contractions to kick your booty into high gear and make sure you are ready for this little person! Before the contractions started we literally only had the crib and changing station set up. Since then, I have slowly been checking things off my list! My hospital bag is packed, baby clothes have been washed, nursery decor is going up! We still have a few little things to grab, including a big sister present.

At our last Doctor’s appointment we were told that Madison is pretty comfy in there, which is ok, she still has a two more weeks but with the contractions I was kind of thinking (hoping) that there would be some progression. Everything else is looking on track. I’m just about where I was with Hayden weight wise… I’m just hoping that she isn’t almost 9lbs like her sister, cause, yikes…

We had already set up our extra room for the baby before we found out what we were having. If we had known before that she was a she we probably would have kept her in our room until she was ready to join her sister. I mean, Hayden was with us until like 6-7 months! But, since we had the room semi-ready, we’ve just been rolling with it!

 Ever since my little owl string art I made for a friend, I’ve been obsessed with them!!
I plan on making another owl board for Madison’s room because really, it’s SO cute!!

Pink and Owls have definitely been the theme of her room… From the super cute owl fabric I found to make her name, to the suuuuuuuper soft blankie that Hayden picked out for her.. and everything in between. I cut up the extra fabric I had from her name to make a cute little tree with a couple owls on them. All I used was the fabric, paint for the background and some mod podge on a canvas! It took a while to draw out, then cut out what I wanted but I’m so happy with how it turned out!


I’ll have to post some more nursery pictures soon. But really, I’ve spent most of my time cleaning… and then re-cleaning as soon as my little hurricane gets home. I also took some time and tried some freezer meal recipes. I’ve read great things on the recipes I picked but I hate all things crockpot, with the exception of Chili.. So we will see how those goes. But I figured with the baby’s due date approaching quickly I had better try it!

Doctor’s appointment on Thursday! And hopefully I’ll be announcing a little lady here very soon.

xoxo, Elizabeth