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Daycare Drop-Offs

So last Thursday was Hayden’s first day of day care… Well, it was a half-day. But still! It was her first day. And she did awesome! Now, going into this I already knew that if she didn’t enjoy it she wasn’t going to go anymore. Taking Hayden to daycare, for us, is all about fun, playing, learning and socializing. So. If she was sad or hesitant I had already made up my mind that she wouldn’t go.

Last Thursday I took her in at 2 o’clock… It was right after their nap time. And they were getting ready for snack. Sean and I walked our little lady into her classroom and put her down on the floor with all the other kids. She walked herself over to the empty chair around the table, her teacher gave her a couple crackers and some raisins. She grabbed a cracker for each hand, turned and looked at me and waved bye.. And that was that.. See ya kid!

Today was her second day at daycare. But her first full day. I took her by myself today and I was a little concerned she’d caught on to the fact that we were leaving her. But in true Hayden-form… I put her down, she walked right over to the little people and didn’t even look back. I hung out in the room for a minute, just watching her, and she really is the most amazing little thing.

Pick ups are a little more emotional for her. The first day she walked over to us with a sad face, she’s quite the little actress. Today, she walked right over to her daddy, gave him a hug and started pointing at everything. As if she was telling him about her day.

I’m so very proud of our little sassy, independent lady!


xo, E

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