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{Second Born}

IMG_6320I thought I’d write a little bit about this girl – before I met her. I shared a little bit on Insta and FB about my fears prior to Madison’s birth. I got so many great comments on both posts plus text’s telling me how encouraging it was. It got me thinking. Honesty. Guys, we need more honesty in this world. It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Sometimes days are tough. Being a mom is hard – let’s lift each other up, always!

When we decided on baby #2 we were so excited! We couldn’t wait to get pregnant and have a new little babe to love on. As soon as we found out we were expecting Madison – it was hard. I mean hard. I was exhausted all the time. I was sick all day. I felt physically awful, which caused me to be in the worst mood for what felt like all the time. Which then caused me to feel like the worst wife and mother on the planet. And this caused me to really question if we made the right choice on #2. Everyday was hard – was this a glimpse of what this child was going to be like? Every doctors appointment, I felt like something went wrong. Which included once not being able to find the heart beat.

I never felt like myself. I was sad and uncomfortable and scared. I was scared I wouldn’t love her like I did her sister. I was scared of how Hayden would react to sharing her parents. Would she resent me? Would I resent the baby? Looking back it all seems ridiculous now. But then, then it was real and it was terrifying.

Sean made a comment when we got home from the hospital… something along the lines of “as soon as she was here, it’s like I looked at you and thought ‘oh, there’s my wife'”. And that’s how it felt. As soon as she arrived suddenly I felt like myself again. And Madison? I was head over heels instantly. This little girl continues to amaze me daily. She’s everything we never knew we were missing.

And the heart expands a little more.

xoxo, Elizabeth


In this new season of life that we are shifting into I feel myself pulled more to really focus on being a wife and a mother. When Hayden was first born I was in such a different season than I am now that Mad is here… maybe that is because I didn’t truly understand how quickly time flies by when you have kids. When I first started feeling this need focus more on my crew, to really be present for them, I knew I needed to find a way to continue to work. I’m a worker y’all and the thought of all the financial responsibility being on my husband makes me itchy. I’m super independent/i-pay-my-own-dang-bills in that aspect HA!

Recently, my job has allowed me to almost exclusively work from home which is such a blessing.  Part of me focusing on our crew is also focusing on myself and little things (besides my crazy little fam) that fill me up! I love crafting, so my recent Etsy shop adventure just made so much sense! It’s something I love doing (crafting), while working from home and helping financially. I also want to spend more time with my friends and focusing on those relationships, focus more on my blog, I love sharing my thoughts and documenting our days while staying connected with family and friends and connecting with new people through social media.

Think good thoughts for me and our crew as we go into this new season. And while I get accustomed to working with little people – although Hayden will still be in preschool part-time. We’ve also got some pretty exciting things coming up… One thing in particular that has always been a passion and calling for me! I can’t wait to talk more about that soon!

Writing this out has me realizing that I have quite a bit going on right now… I tend to do that lol! I want to be present for my family, all while working on the things I love and am passionate about. Can’t I have it all? Here’s to snuggling babies, playing ponies with the 3 year old, talking about dogs to everyone, stringing all the boards, cookin all the food, connecting with all the friends and reading all the mommy blogs <3
but right now? baby snuggles.

xoxo, Elizabeth

{Hospital Bag}


Mommy & Madison’s stuff. Daddy has his own bag 😉

I love reading different blogs on what mommas choose to to bring along to the hospital! If you are like me, with my first little babe, you probably packed waaaaay too much. I mean it. I packed a full suitcase that I take on a weeks vacation! I also waited until I was in labor before packing my hospital bag, whoops. Which probably didn’t help the over-packing.

This time around, my contractions have started early (with Hayden I didn’t get any until “go time”) so that has been a serious movtivation to get things in order. I get them almost everyday and they are painful – so it’s like a little daily reminder to continue to check things off my list because she will be here before we know it!


For me:

  • Pajamas
  • Comfy undies
  • Fuzzy socks (because hospitals are cold, and I hate cold feet!)
  • Slippers
  • Nursing tank
  • Nursing bra
  • Lanolin cream
  • Phone charger
  • Straightener
  • Hair brush
  • Make up bag

For Madison:

  • Going home outfit
  • Sleeper
  • Socks
  • Fuzzy blankie
  • Receiving blanket

For daddy:

  • 1 change of clothes
  • Comfy Pajama Pants
  • Pillow
  • Tablet + charger
  • Candy

When we were in the hospital with Hayden we received the sweetest card from our nurses. It was so simple but so personalized to us and really meant a whole lot! It was then I wished that we had something to give our nurses who took such great care of us the 3 days we were in the hospital. This time, were coming prepared! Hayden and I have put together these little goodies for our nurses. Just a little treat to show we were thinking about them!

I picked up a pack of Thank you cards from big lots for a buck, they were big squares so I cut them in half and wrote a special little message in them, each a little different… But each with something to do about passing along the “sweetness”. We then grabbed a bag of assorted candy for $9 (thank you Halloween time!) put a few in a snack sized ziploc with our note and closed them up! We made 12 of these.

* Note, you’ll want to make sure the candies are prepackaged… Cause, germs. 😉 *

If you’re not wanting to give candies, you can always do mini bags of popcorn and use a play on the whole “just popped”. Or travel sized trail mix with a note saying something along the lines of “we hope we didn’t make you too nutty” 😀 haha!

IMG_5294 IMG_5295 IMG_5346


xo, E

We’re Potty Training.

{enter terrified face here}

You read that right. We’re potty training. And surprisingly, Little Lady is doing awesome…. for the most part. We decided it was time to start potty training last week. I was answering some emails and Hayden ran into our room, apparently I was in the zone because I didn’t even notice that she didn’t have a diaper on until she squatted down right next to me and peed on the floor. LOVELY! We went to target RIGHT THEN and grabbed ourselves a “little lou”, some prizes from Target’s $1 section and Hayden picked out some super cute Frozen undies.

After requesting some potty training advice from my facebook friends we decided to go with the whole put her on the potty every 30 minutes system. Now this really only works, I think, because I’m home with Hayden all day right now.. and I don’t have any other babies. So, if we did decided to have another one (stay tuned for my post – Why the number of Children I have is none of your business – it’s coming!) I don’t think that this system would work out so great. But as of right now, it works for us. Hayden doesn’t talk all that much, so she doesn’t say “potty” she just runs over to it. So she definitely knows when she has to go. And so far, we’ve only have a couple accidents in our undies. She still wears diapers at night and we use pull-ups while were running around. Hopefully this continues to be easy-peasy. I’ll let you know 😉

Potty training, to be continued…

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