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Hayden is the luckiest little lady there ever was.. She really does have the best daddy out there! Here’s a couple photos of them/him helping me get ready for Hayden’s Arizona Birthday Party! They were playing dress-up in Party City and Daddy was even helping me decorate Hayden’s Purple Cupcakes!! I’m so thankful to have such an amazing Husband! He is my rock. And I’m not sure I could be the mother I am, or person I am without him by my side, cheering me on! I love you Sean-Patrick!

xo, E

We’re not perfect

Here I go again, leaking some drafts! ENJOY!


Last week Sean popped in to my work to bring me lunch and it had all the ladies here gushing over him, how perfect it was.. Some went on to tell me how good I had it. How he’s so great… how they wish their husbands/significant others would do little things like that for them.

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