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Playroom Revamp – Art Area

art area blog post

When we moved rooms around we kind of just shoved the toys in the room because, well, #newbornlife. Hayden rarely ever went into the playroom – there was just too much going on in there. So organizing it has been on my to-do list for a while. Originally we had the girls in two separate rooms. Shortly after Madison was born we moved the nursery stuff into Hayden’s room and made Madison’s room the playroom. Honestly, we would’ve done this originally had we known (for sure) we were having another girl. Remember when we tried holding out til the birth to find out what we were having? We totally almost made it lol

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I’ve been meaning to get an Etsy shop (RaisingUpRyans) started here for a while, really.. it’s been on my list of things to do! But, #newbornlife. I’ve been working on a ton of boards this holiday season! And I have so many more designed that I just need to nail out. I had some time yesterday with Sean home so I was able to get a couple done.

The first ones I did were super simple but SO DANG CUTE! I had some extra pieces of wood left over from a larger board that I had Sean cut up for me so I could make these little gems <3 They are now up in the shop for $5 (and free shipping!)



The next one I wanted to try and tackle was this “Madison” board. I have been practicing different freehand fonts and finally found one I really really like but you never know how things are going to transfer from your original design to string. There is definitely some tweaking I’ll be making. But I really love this.

Check back in the shop for new designs! And I’ll do my best to post them here on the blog as well. Looking forward to 2016 and watching this little lady grow <3 img_6193

{Days to go?!}


37 weeks

Y’all, I’ve been trying so hard to be a good sport, to count my blessings and to really soak in this special time but it’s so hard. I’m having almost daily contractions and have been for weeks.. And I’m not talking cramping, Braxton hicks.. I’m talking stop you in your tracks, contractions. That being said, nothing consistent and nothing time-able. And, apparently they aren’t doing a darn thing. Awesome.

On the plus side, there really is nothing like contractions to kick your booty into high gear and make sure you are ready for this little person! Before the contractions started we literally only had the crib and changing station set up. Since then, I have slowly been checking things off my list! My hospital bag is packed, baby clothes have been washed, nursery decor is going up! We still have a few little things to grab, including a big sister present.

At our last Doctor’s appointment we were told that Madison is pretty comfy in there, which is ok, she still has a two more weeks but with the contractions I was kind of thinking (hoping) that there would be some progression. Everything else is looking on track. I’m just about where I was with Hayden weight wise… I’m just hoping that she isn’t almost 9lbs like her sister, cause, yikes…

We had already set up our extra room for the baby before we found out what we were having. If we had known before that she was a she we probably would have kept her in our room until she was ready to join her sister. I mean, Hayden was with us until like 6-7 months! But, since we had the room semi-ready, we’ve just been rolling with it!

 Ever since my little owl string art I made for a friend, I’ve been obsessed with them!!
I plan on making another owl board for Madison’s room because really, it’s SO cute!!

Pink and Owls have definitely been the theme of her room… From the super cute owl fabric I found to make her name, to the suuuuuuuper soft blankie that Hayden picked out for her.. and everything in between. I cut up the extra fabric I had from her name to make a cute little tree with a couple owls on them. All I used was the fabric, paint for the background and some mod podge on a canvas! It took a while to draw out, then cut out what I wanted but I’m so happy with how it turned out!


I’ll have to post some more nursery pictures soon. But really, I’ve spent most of my time cleaning… and then re-cleaning as soon as my little hurricane gets home. I also took some time and tried some freezer meal recipes. I’ve read great things on the recipes I picked but I hate all things crockpot, with the exception of Chili.. So we will see how those goes. But I figured with the baby’s due date approaching quickly I had better try it!

Doctor’s appointment on Thursday! And hopefully I’ll be announcing a little lady here very soon.

xoxo, Elizabeth







{Hospital Bag}


Mommy & Madison’s stuff. Daddy has his own bag 😉

I love reading different blogs on what mommas choose to to bring along to the hospital! If you are like me, with my first little babe, you probably packed waaaaay too much. I mean it. I packed a full suitcase that I take on a weeks vacation! I also waited until I was in labor before packing my hospital bag, whoops. Which probably didn’t help the over-packing.

This time around, my contractions have started early (with Hayden I didn’t get any until “go time”) so that has been a serious movtivation to get things in order. I get them almost everyday and they are painful – so it’s like a little daily reminder to continue to check things off my list because she will be here before we know it!


For me:

  • Pajamas
  • Comfy undies
  • Fuzzy socks (because hospitals are cold, and I hate cold feet!)
  • Slippers
  • Nursing tank
  • Nursing bra
  • Lanolin cream
  • Phone charger
  • Straightener
  • Hair brush
  • Make up bag

For Madison:

  • Going home outfit
  • Sleeper
  • Socks
  • Fuzzy blankie
  • Receiving blanket

For daddy:

  • 1 change of clothes
  • Comfy Pajama Pants
  • Pillow
  • Tablet + charger
  • Candy

When we were in the hospital with Hayden we received the sweetest card from our nurses. It was so simple but so personalized to us and really meant a whole lot! It was then I wished that we had something to give our nurses who took such great care of us the 3 days we were in the hospital. This time, were coming prepared! Hayden and I have put together these little goodies for our nurses. Just a little treat to show we were thinking about them!

I picked up a pack of Thank you cards from big lots for a buck, they were big squares so I cut them in half and wrote a special little message in them, each a little different… But each with something to do about passing along the “sweetness”. We then grabbed a bag of assorted candy for $9 (thank you Halloween time!) put a few in a snack sized ziploc with our note and closed them up! We made 12 of these.

* Note, you’ll want to make sure the candies are prepackaged… Cause, germs. 😉 *

If you’re not wanting to give candies, you can always do mini bags of popcorn and use a play on the whole “just popped”. Or travel sized trail mix with a note saying something along the lines of “we hope we didn’t make you too nutty” 😀 haha!

IMG_5294 IMG_5295 IMG_5346


xo, E

Wall Art Display

Hayden LOVES all things crafting and even more than that? She loves to see all of her creations! I was running out of room on my fridge, so we decided to make something for her to display all her favorite pieces on. This whole display cost less than $10 at hobby lobby!

I decided on wood for the banner because I wanted Hayden to be able to paint them how she wanted. Each little wood piece cost 25 cents. Spent $4 total on wood. I found a thick shoelace type string for $3. And clothes pins for $2.workofart
We painted all the wood and hot glued it on some ribbon that Hayden picked out of my scraps. 


This is my favorite craft we’ve done!! 

xo, Elizabeth

Father’s Day 2014

Hayden and I have been working on our Daddy’s Day planning for a few weeks now.. Here’s a little peek at our favorite craftie for the best daddy in the world ❤️




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DIY Cupcake Tray

I was browsing through a thrift store, looking for a cupcake tray for Hayden’s birthday.. I went to so many different stores trying to find a darn tray with no luck. Finally at the last store, and running out of time because the party was the next day, I decided to just make one. I found this plate for a .25 cents. And this candle stick holder for .50 cents


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