Guys. I had every intention of keeping this updated throughout this pregnancy. I wanted weekly bump pictures and to really document this time around. It goes by so quick! (Did my 29week pregnant self really just say that!?) And I don’t know how many more times I’m going to be able to experience pregnancy, especially after this one. Ya’ll, it’s been hard. Growing a human is no joke, this I of course knew last time as well but it’s a whole different ballgame this time. 

Firstly, pregnancy with a 2 1/2 year old? Oh my. Hayden hasn’t slowed down one bit and why would I have expected her to? Silly mommy. On top of still being mommy to my little hurricane I’m working full time. And we are BUSY. Then to make it all that much more interesting this pregnancy has been so very different from mine with H. Which I hear constantly, ‘every pregnancy is different’ but man-oh-man it’s different. I like to think I’ve been pretty pleasant to be around despite being terribly uncomfortable. In the first few month, the nausea, oh the nausea. I was constantly sick or at least feeling very sick. And here we are at 29 weeks and I’m still getting waves of nausea! Talk about a real downer. I’m also carrying lower than I was with Hayden. Hayden was always playing with my ribs which was super obnoxious but not nearly as obnoxious as a baby sitting, quite literally, on my bladder and so low I feel like I need to hold my bump to walk comfortably. I won’t even start on the lower back pain but let’s just say some days  it stops me in my tracks. Our doctors appointments haven’t been all that great, I feel like we’re learning something or something isn’t “normal” each appointment (all is well with our little babe – just takes an extra step to figure that out). With the exception of our glucose test, aced that one! Praise Jesus! No unnecessary needles. 


25 weeks

 On the plus side, we’ve had fun getting Hayden ready for a baby brother or sister. Her favorite is poking my belly button. We’ve also had fun not finding out the gender, which is apparently super frustrating for everyone 🙂 For me, the only frustrating part is Sean having no name suggestions for boys. I mean it. Zero. From the beginning I thought we were having another little lady and while this pregnancy is so different, which is the only reason I slightly think maybe it’s a boy, Sean and I are still really leaning towards girl. We will of course be excited about which ever gender but how sweet would it be for Hayden to have a sister! And on the other hand, how fun would a little man be!? Although, if it’s a boy, this poor dude is going to be named Baby Boy Ryan. While a little girl has plenty of name options – our top picks being Gracyn, Hadley or Madison. I’m seriously considering caving to find out the gender just so we can decide a name. Or at least so we know if we need to be concerned about finding a boy name! We’ve done awesome thus far of not going baby shopping crazy. With Hayden we literally bought something each time we went to the store. Which left us with a lot of unused things!!! 

We’ve had the crib set up for a little while now but just last week we moved Seans office out of the spare room and into my craft room to start getting everything ready. We’ve also pulled out all our baby stuff, which is just so exciting! Only 11 more weeks!!!!!!

Coming soon… bump photo update. nursery photos & baby room crafts. plus a Keke update (who totally thinks she’s a dog). 

xo, Elizabeth