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They say, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” Looking at this, I couldn’t agree more. ❤️


We’re Potty Training.

{enter terrified face here}

You read that right. We’re potty training. And surprisingly, Little Lady is doing awesome…. for the most part. We decided it was time to start potty training last week. I was answering some emails and Hayden ran into our room, apparently I was in the zone because I didn’t even notice that she didn’t have a diaper on until she squatted down right next to me and peed on the floor. LOVELY! We went to target RIGHT THEN and grabbed ourselves a “little lou”, some prizes from Target’s $1 section and Hayden picked out some super cute Frozen undies.

After requesting some potty training advice from my facebook friends we decided to go with the whole put her on the potty every 30 minutes system. Now this really only works, I think, because I’m home with Hayden all day right now.. and I don’t have any other babies. So, if we did decided to have another one (stay tuned for my post – Why the number of Children I have is none of your business – it’s coming!) I don’t think that this system would work out so great. But as of right now, it works for us. Hayden doesn’t talk all that much, so she doesn’t say “potty” she just runs over to it. So she definitely knows when she has to go. And so far, we’ve only have a couple accidents in our undies. She still wears diapers at night and we use pull-ups while were running around. Hopefully this continues to be easy-peasy. I’ll let you know 😉

Potty training, to be continued…

Hello Twenty-Four.

Yesterday I celebrated my 24th Birthday! Some days I feel much older than I am. Having a Husband nearly 6 years older than myself helps with that one LOL. And then there are days where I think, “THERE IS NO WAY I’M TWENTY…”. Yesterday was one of those, there is no way I am 24 years old today. But, it was a good day. These days I’m enjoying and finding the beauty in the simpler things in life. When my little lady wakes up with a smile and a “Maaaaa!” which is code for, “Please, get me out of this crib”. We enjoyed Starbucks Salted Caramel and Hayden, a blueberry muffin. Then headed over to Auntie’s to play with chickens and cut out Monkey’s for Nash’s Baby Shower. All day I was flooded with calls, text messages and social media notifications from all the people I love. It was the best 🙂

Then little miss sassy pants went with her cousins, Auntie and Uncle Coy to a birthday party while me and the Hubs headed out to dinner. The Melting Pot is where we ended up. It was my first time and it was DELICIOUS. I do believe it’s my new “special occasions” favorite!!

On the life update side. We are still trying to get settled and unpack and organized. It’s stressful. And although I say all the time that I was not meant to be a SAHM, I am enjoying my (kinda) break from work and my time with Hayden. I like slowing down with her. Park days. Morning coffee dates. Nap time blogging ;). Reading. and all the moments in-between.

xo, E

Sunny & 75

I took a little break from sharing to move. Although I do not plan on writing a whole lot until we get more settled, I do want to jot down some thoughts on our move. I’ve gone back to older posts a lot recently and I really do LOVE reading about our past chapters! So here we go.

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20140724-073503-27303421.jpgI’ve definitely struggled with this one before. Worrying far too much about NOT be like a certain someone, that you can forget to just be you!! What a great reminder! ❤️ Be comfortable in your own skin… Be You!



20140722-235524-86124114.jpgSo.. we got an ergo carrier today and this is what our day has looked like 🙂 I so wish we would’ve started this when Hayden was a newborn!! We had a baby bjorn and I HATED it! So we just stopped, instead of just trying a new one! Ugh! Well, I got this from a mommy group I’m in for $20! This carrier new is over $100!! SCORE! And it’ll hold her for a while longer 🙂

One day, my girl will be grown. And she won’t want me to hold her anymore. But today, today she wants mommy to hold her all day long. And I’m loving every second!

xo, E

{C a l i f o r n i a}

I’ve been absent from sharing lately because well, life happens. Truth be told, I’ve been in a funk. Someone (ahem, me) has been having a pitty party. And you’re welcome, I didn’t invite anyone else to it. But now, I think I’m seeing more clearly. You see.. The HubbaHubba and I have been doing some serious life planning. Grown up decisions, ugh. And if you know me at all, you know that change, although necessary, I am not a fan! So when the question of moving arose I found myself gasping a little. Our plan has never been Arizona. So, where to? Well, we’ve sat on it for a little while now and it’s happening. Officially. My work notice is in. Our landlord notice is in and we’ve been singing “I’m going, going, back, back to CALI, CALI!” California here we come!!!

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Father’s Day 2014

Hayden and I have been working on our Daddy’s Day planning for a few weeks now.. Here’s a little peek at our favorite craftie for the best daddy in the world ❤️




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mommy & me

Our little lady is a rise with the sun kind of gal.. and if you know me, I do not function well before like 9:30 and not until I’ve had my coffee. The past week or so Hayden has been waking up at 6am.. shortly after the sun. Now this would be ok if we were still giving her 2 naps during the day but we’ve cut back to 1 which means that she gets awfully crabby either when we push her nap later.. or when were trying to keep her up til her bedtime, which is 8-8:30pm. Last night we decided to trick her little brain by covering her window with a curtain … and would you look at that it’s 8:40am and shes still sleeping! – And literally right after typing that I hear “mamaaaaa” coming from her room LOL!

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Are we really getting ready to enter into JUNE! Holy crap! We’ve got some pretty exciting things happening soon! Starting with babies galore! My baby sissy’s little man Bowen comes July! My friend Teeli’s baby boy, Remington in August! Our cousin Bree’s baby girl in October! My BestFriend Britany’s baby in December! And another baby in January! (I can’t announce from whom yet.. But it’s very exciting! And no, not me!) Seriously, everyone is pregnant!

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