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You know those times where you feel like you are just absent from life? I’ve been feeling stuck there for what seems like far too long! I’ve been working on a single “update” post for about a month and cannot seem to finished it. I’m tired and unmotivated and I feel like I’m unproductive in all aspects of life most of the time… Honestly, I’ve felt pretty darn low lately.

Sometimes life is hard, you know? Sometimes life throws you curveballs. And sometimes it feels like they just keep coming. Sometimes this mama stuff is hard.  It’s surely not the times I want to remember! But then again, how can we fully appreciate our blessings without remembering our trying times? Thankfully, I seem to be on the upswing. Yes, sometimes life is hard. But my favorite part about social media and specifically mommy blogs, is that truly you’re not alone! It’s takes a village, ya’ll!

We are currently at 22 weeks! (20 in this photo) And I’m feeling much better, pregnancy wise. I’m not getting sick after nearly every meal, so that’s a plus! I started feeling baby kicks around 18 weeks which has been so fun! Which is also when I started showing, at least that’s when I noticed. You still can’t tell under normal clothes. We had our 20 week ultrasound and I don’t think I’ll ever be over that amazement! I’m still in regular clothes. Pants are a little snug when the baby is really low, which I’m noticing is more and more.

At the beginning of this pregnancy I was convinced it was a girl. Basically until I started puking all the time and feeling like complete crap.. Because that was so not the case with my pregnancy with Hayden! So who knows, maybe it’s a boy!! At this point we aren’t finding out what we are having. I say at this point because we didn’t when we had the opportunity to. My goal is to not overspend like I did when I was pregnant with H. I literally bought something each time I went to the store. It was ridiculous. So, we have all of the major things needs. With the exception of an infant seat and stroller (which are pink). I’m kinda thinking if it’s a boy, he will just come home from the hospital in his sisters pink seat and we will get him a new one after lol! My goal is to be conservative… We will see how that goes!

We also added a new little addition to our already growing family. A kitten! Hayden has been asking for a kitten every single day for months!! We finally caved when the most perfect little Keke ever found us! She’s been calling her Cute, Kitty or Keke (kitty-kitty). Despite my protest I think Hayden is going to win the name game and Keke it shall be. The two of them are already best friends. And our dogs have done extremely well. Especially for never sharing their house with a cat. Keke is about 11weeks and is seriously the coolest cat I’ve ever met! She’s constantly purring. So playful and yet loves to cuddle. She may make a “cat person” out of all of us!









Coming up here soon I’ll be sharing my favorite go-to cravings recipes.
Also, how we are introducing our 4 (very large) dogs to our new kitty.

xo, E

Pregnancy Round 2

I have been all sorts of distracted and MIA from life lately. Partially because I have a two-year old, who is constantly on the go. Partially because I’m back to working full time. And partially because I’m (almost) 15 weeks pregnant. Oh, and I’m pretty sure I’ve been neglecting my husband as well. Thank goodness he’s a good sport. I’m dying. Ok. Maybe not actually dying. But it kinda feels like it. This pregnancy is so very different than mine with Hayden, I do not remember being this sick and tired, so very, very tired… Maybe because I’m chasing around a two-year old this time? And I feel like we are all constantly fighting off something. It’s so hard to figure out what is making me feel like a zombie, the baby or if I’m actually coming down with something. I’m having a difficult time cooking anything. The thought of smelling eggs is making me gag, like right now. But all I seem to want is eggs, #thestruggle. I hope Hayden doesn’t mind getting cereal for breakfast for the next couple weeks.

We have had two doctors appointments so far. We changed drs this time around because I constantly felt rushed with Hayden and so disconnected. Well, I absolutely love my new doctor and am so glad we changed! Our first appointment was almost 2 hours, and not two hours of waiting. We were in consultations, meeting with the whole staff and telling our entire medical history’s. Oh, and we got to hear the baby’s heart beat, I don’t think that will ever stop amazing me! Our last appointment was terrifying. We saw the NP (which I will never, ever do again) she was awesome, until it came time to listen to the heart beat. Sean said it took about 5 minutes but I swear it felt a whole lot longer than that. I honestly can’t even remember everything that happened – only bits and pieces. I was crying. All I kept hearing was “that’s YOUR heart beat”…. “we may need to get an ultrasound” …. “you need to breathe”. And finally, Sean said the doctor said, “there, that’s your baby’s” but apparently I was on a different planet. Because I heard none of that. And just like that the NP said “that was scary, huh mom?” and left my room. I had to clarify with Sean if they actually heard the heart beat, which he said yes. That still didn’t make me feel any better. I feel like she just rushed out of the room as quickly as she could. I didn’t even have time to calm down to hear the heart beat and know that the baby was okay. We did some office paperwork and our blood work and Sean and the office manager scheduled me for an ultrasound to calm me down a little. It worked. Turns out our little one was moving around so much! Which is likely why the NP was having such a hard time finding the heart beat.

2015-05-08 11.26.12-3

After that I felt like I could breathe a little easier. I mean, come on, look at that picture! I lost a couple lbs, probably due to all the puking this little one is causing me. And I have no bump to show. Which isn’t exactly surprising – I didn’t start showing until well passed my half-way point with Hayden. But I will say I’m a little disappointed, I was hoping to show a little sooner with this one. Everyone thought it was so great, me not showing for a while… But I promise it wasn’t all that wonderful. I feel like my body would like it a whole lot more if the expanding process was gradual and not all at once LOL! We will see!

Today we are 14weeks 4days

– lost 3lbs from last drs visit
– still in all regular clothes
– cravings?
Sushi (OF COURSE!)
Chocolate Milk
Eggs (which makes me nauseous every time I think about them, which is all the time)
– feeling? Nauseous and Sleepy. (All.The.Time) and so, so thankful!




Wall Art Display

Hayden LOVES all things crafting and even more than that? She loves to see all of her creations! I was running out of room on my fridge, so we decided to make something for her to display all her favorite pieces on. This whole display cost less than $10 at hobby lobby!

I decided on wood for the banner because I wanted Hayden to be able to paint them how she wanted. Each little wood piece cost 25 cents. Spent $4 total on wood. I found a thick shoelace type string for $3. And clothes pins for $2.workofart
We painted all the wood and hot glued it on some ribbon that Hayden picked out of my scraps. 


This is my favorite craft we’ve done!! 

xo, Elizabeth


Sean, Hayden and I are so excited to announce…

We are due with Baby #2 

ETA: November 2015! 


I can’t even tell you how many times we’ve been asked “so when’s number 2 coming?!” Actually. We started getting that question what seemed like a couple months after Hayden was born. (Alright maybe she was closer to one 😉 ). I got so fed up with people asking that I just responded with “never, never-ever”. Truth? I really had no idea. I mean I felt like I JUST had Hayden and you’re asking me if I want another one now? No thanks. Well, now that Hayden is TWO (and she will be almost 3 when the baby comes). We had been planning for baby number 2 for months. Let me just tell you… with Hayden, I was fully prepared for it to take a few months and was a little shocked when it only took one. This time? it took a few longer than my liking… I think someone upstairs was telling me to settle down lol (or the big man was reminding me I didn’t want a summer baby) I’m not the most patient person… But I’m working on it!

I. Am. So. Excited!! I’m feeling a little more prepared in the sense of I know what’s to come. But also a little terrified of the unknown. I mean I’m sure going from 1 child to 2 is no walk in the park! Our girl, She’s a handful! The thought of dealing with pregnancy insomnia, nausea, or having a basketball stuck under my shirt all while chasing this little firecracker makes me cringe. Literally. But were getting through it! I have no doubt that we will adjust accordingly with each new stage. Our hearts have already grown even bigger for this little one and let’s be real, Hayden will be the best big sister!

We both have our thoughts on what this little babe is.. but we will keep them to ourselves for a while 😉

We took our first test on March 7th.

One ever so faint plus sign!! I dropped everything and went to the store to buy a different kind of test. And prenatal vitamins – you know, just in case 😉 I went in the bathroom peed on my second stick and then left it in there. I told Sean to go check! He came out saying “are you sure these are more accurate?”. Thinking it said ‘not pregnant’ I was totally bummed. But only for a half a second.


BAM! Hello there Baby#2! I’m feeling like I may just enjoy this pregnancy a whole lot more than mine with Hayden. I mean, it’s pretty wonderful what our bodies can do!! And plus, if this is our last baby, our last pregnancy, I really want to soak it up!! I’m feeling a lot more nauseous this time around but I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the fact that we have a 2 year old with unlimited amounts of energy and I have limited amounts of coffee. We had our first doctors appointment last week and were lucky enough to hear the heart beat at just shy of 9 weeks!

Hayden made her shirt pictured above and that’s how we told our families. It was so much fun watching them try to figure out if we were telling the truth or not!

xo, E

Pretzel Buns

G U Y S, I have this new obsession with soft pretzels. Pretzel buns. Pretzel bites. O m g. Sean and I love chicken clubs so I decided one night to make them at home. Except I didn’t know what kind of bread to use. I’ve always thought you needed a special mixer to make bread, or pretzels. So I never tried! Gosh I wish I would’ve sooner because they are fantastic and so easy!!

Here you are friends!

What You’ll Need;

3 Tablespoons Brown Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt (Table and Coarse Sea Salt to sprinkle on top.)
1 1/4 oz pack of Yeast
2 Tablespoons Butter (melted)
1/4 Cup Vegetable Oil
1 Egg
3 Cups Bread Flour
3 Tablespoons Baking Soda

•Mix together 3 tablespoons of brown sugar, 1 teaspoon salt and 1 packet of yeast (1/4oz).

•Mix 2 tablespoons butter(melted), 1/4 cup Vegetable oil and 1 cup warm water.
Then add to yeast mixture.

•Add 3 cups of bread flour. Mix together with fork until just combined.

•Knead together rest of dough.

•Grease a foiled cookie sheet.

•Divide into 8-12 balls depending on what size you want.
I almost always do less. 8 nice sized buns. Or 12 slider sized.


•Let rise in preheat oven (170 degrees). I only do 10-12mins.
Take your rolls out. Then preheat oven to 325.

•Bring 4-6 cups of water and 3 tablespoons of baking soda to a boil in nice sized skillet (or Saute pan).

•Let rolls sit in boiling water for 1 minute each side. Do not crowd rolls.

•Return to greased cookie sheet.

•Decorative pretzel bun slit optional.

•Take egg whites and brush (or rub 🙂 ) over your rolls.

•Sprinkle with coarse sea salt.

•Bake 12-15 mins for the 12 sliders. 18-20mins for the 8 bigger rolls.



I have also cut the rolls in half and popped them back in the oven for another minute or two for the clubs because I like them a little more cooked.

They are delicious! And they freeze well!!! Just wrap them in foil.

Now excuse me while I stuff my face.

xo, E

Happy 2nd!

We had so much fun this past weekend celebrating our little ladys 2nd Birthday!! I’m loving every second of this chapter of life I am in. Most days I’m completely lost on how to parent this sassy, super independent, head-strong girl I’ve got here but even on those hard days, I’m still so thankful to be her mama. And so thankful she forgives me when I royally mess up! I’ve decided to keep my letter to Hayden off the blog and just send them straight to her email – some things I really feel like are best just kept between us! But I will say… Hayden, you make me more and more proud as the days pass! I love you, my girl.

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Hey Hayden

Big Girl Bed!

In a little over one month our girl is going to be TWO! T W O!!! My tiny little baby is getting to be such a big girl.  She’s all over the place. Into everything.. Climbs on everything and is wicked fast. She’s been out of her crib for a little while now (we just moved her mattress to the floor). But just last week she moved into a big girl twin bed – which her and her dogs love. Seriously she LOVES  it! The first night I forgot to put the baby gate up and woke up to her helping herself to her milk in the fridge. Yes, she opens the fridge and helps herself. That, is not so awesome because she only opens it…

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Well, wow. I’ve been meaning to update this for quite some time. And I literally have 12 drafts in the works from the past couple months!! The last half of 2014 was kind of a whirlwind that blew right on by! I literally feel like I closed my eyes in the midst of a storm and when I opened them I was somewhere completely new! I can’t even wrap my brain around starting a new year!!

We’re back in Arizona and getting into our old groove. I’m still only working part time which is both a blessing and so, so difficult for me – being close again and not working remotely, it’s hard not to dive back into work head first! We’ve just wrapped up Christmas – the first Christmas in my life where I didn’t spend it with my side of the family. And we rang in the new year with a few of our favorites only to wake up the next day with a puking little babe. Oh. And I shattered the screen to my brand new iPhone 6 🙁 OY!

But that’s life. You gotta roll with the punches sometimes, right? I’m feeling so blessed to be starting this new year with my two favorite people… I have a feeling 2015 is going to be an exciting adventure. My girl turns 2. Hubs turns 30! Am I really turning 25 this year?!?! And well… Who knows what else is in store! 😉 😉

/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/914/62797928/files/2015/01/img_2061.jpgwatching the fireworks! Seriously y’all they killlll me! <3 😀

xo, E

BestFriends & Baby Bumps

I was able to play photographer this past weekend for my two very BestFriends and their baby bumps! Courtney and Britany have been friends since kindergarten, how cool is that!? And I met them both in Junior High. So, we’ve all been friends for a while.. How awesome that they get to jump into mommyhood TOGETHER! And they are both having boys! How sweet that they will get to grow up together 🙂 Here’s a peek into our little photoshoot.




xo, E

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