I’ve been referring to Madison as my little dream baby because seriously, she’s a little dream! Sure, she’s an infant and waking multiple times at night but I don’t even mind. She’s such a good baby. Most of the time at night time I have to wake her up after a few hours to feed her. She’s so calm, smiley and easy going!

Hayden has far exceeded what I thought she would be in her new role. I KNEW she would love her baby sister and I knew she’d be a great big sister but I did think it would take her some adjusting. I was wrong. She slid right into “Big Sister” with helpful hands and a smile on her face. When the girls met in the hospital Hayden was definitely overwhelmed. She had just seen me the whole day saying my belly hurt, which is how I explained my contractions to her, so with that and hooked up to everything I’m sure was a little concerning for her. But then she saw her baby sister and she was enthralled.









She knew. Right away. “Bebe Sisser” “Bebe Madsi”. Heart Melted!

We’ve been adjusting to life at home pretty well. Hayden asks to be held a lot which we expected. And honestly, Sean and I are soaking that right up from our little independent girl.


So basically I’m on cloud9. I’ve had plenty of help “making” bottles, feeding the baby, changing diapers and tons of baby snuggles. Loving every second of this time with my girls!! This holiday season I’m feeling extra thankful and extra blessed! Can’t think of anything more I could possibly need. Blessed Wife. Blessed Mama.

xoxo, Elizabeth